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O-(4-Hydroxy-3,5-diiodophenyl) 3,5-diiodo-L-tyrosine  see Thyroxine
O-(4-Hydroxy-3,5-diiodophenyl)-3,5-diiodotyrosine  see Thyroxine
o-Dihydroxybenzenes  see Catechols
o-Isopropylmethyl Phosphonofluoridate  see Sarin
Oak, Poison  see Toxicodendron
Oat Cell Carcinoma  see Carcinoma, Small Cell
Oat Cell Carcinoma of Lung  see Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Oat Cell Lung Cancer  see Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Oath, Hippocratic  see Hippocratic Oath
Oats  see Avena
Mesh BrowserObesity
General  WD 210-212
See also Appetite Depressants
See also Bariatrics
See also Body Weight
See also Diet, Reducing
See also Lipectomy
See also Pediatric Obesity
See also Skinfold Thickness
Obesity in Adolescence  see Pediatric Obesity
Obesity in Childhood  see Pediatric Obesity
Mesh BrowserObesity Management
General  WD 210-212
Adolescent  WS 115
Child  WS 130
Infant  WS 120
See also Obesity
Obesity Management Systems  see Obesity Management
Mesh BrowserObesity, Morbid  WD 210-212 
See also Gastric Bypass
See also Gastroplasty
Obesity, Severe  see Obesity, Morbid
Mesh BrowserObject Attachment  WM 460.5.O2 
Object Relations  see Object Attachment
Object Relationship  see Object Attachment
Obligation, Social  see Social Responsibility
Obligations of Society  see Social Justice
Obligations to Society  see Social Responsibility
Oblique Extraocular Muscles  see Oculomotor Muscles
Oblique Muscle, Inferior  see Oculomotor Muscles
Oblique Muscle, Superior  see Oculomotor Muscles
Oblique Muscles, Extraocular  see Oculomotor Muscles
Obracin  see Tobramycin
Mesh BrowserObservation
In specific topics, by subject
As a scientific method in research (Form number 20 or 20.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Obsessions  see Obsessive Behavior
Mesh BrowserObsessive Behavior  WM 176 
Mesh BrowserObsessive-Compulsive Disorder  WM 176 
Obsessive Hoarding  see Hoarding Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality  see Compulsive Personality Disorder
Obsidan  see Propranolol
Obstetric and Gynecologic Diagnostic Technic  see Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Obstetric and Gynecologic Diagnostic Technics  see Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Obstetric and Gynecologic Diagnostic Technique  see Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Obstetric and Gynecologic Diagnostic Techniques  see Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Obstetric Delivery  see Delivery, Obstetric
Obstetric Forceps  see Obstetrical Forceps
Obstetric Labor  see Labor, Obstetric
Mesh BrowserObstetric Labor Complications
General  WQ 330
See also name of part injured, e.g., Perineum  WP 170
See also names of specific complication, e.g., Postpartum Hemorrhage  WQ 330
Mesh BrowserObstetric Labor, Premature
General  WQ 330
See also Infant, Premature  WS 410
See also Premature Birth
See also Tocolytic Agents
Mesh BrowserObstetric Nursing
General  WY 157
Education  WY 18-18.5
See also Maternal-Child Nursing
See also Neonatal Nursing
See also Postnatal Care
Obstetric Pain  see Labor Pain
Obstetric Surgical Procedure  see Obstetric Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserObstetric Surgical Procedures  WQ 400-450 
See also Obstetrics
Obstetrical and Gynecological Diagnostic Technic  see Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Obstetrical and Gynecological Diagnostic Technics  see Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Obstetrical and Gynecological Diagnostic Technique  see Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Obstetrical and Gynecological Diagnostic Techniques  see Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Mesh BrowserObstetrical Forceps  WQ 425 
Obstetrical Nursing  see Obstetric Nursing
Obstetrical Surgery  see Obstetric Surgical Procedures
Obstetrical Surgical Procedures  see Obstetric Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserObstetrics  WQ 
General  WQ 100
Anesthesia see Anesthesia, Obstetrical
Collective WZ 112.5.O2
Individual WZ 100
Cardiac problems  WQ 244
Directories  WQ 22
Nursing see Obstetric Nursing
Urology  WJ 190
Complications WQ 260
Veterinary SF 887
See also Obstetric Surgical Procedures
See also Pregnancy Complications
Mesh BrowserObstetrics and Gynecology Department, Hospital  WQ 27-28 
Obstetrics Department  see Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Hospital
Obstetrics Department Hospital  see Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Hospital
Obstetrics, Gynecology Department, Hospital  see Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Hospital
Obstructive Asymmetric Septal Hypertrophy  see Cardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic, Familial
Obstructive Hydrocephalus  see Hydrocephalus
Obstructive Lung Diseases  see Lung Diseases, Obstructive
Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases  see Lung Diseases, Obstructive
Obturators, Palatal  see Palatal Obturators
Obzidan  see Propranolol
Occipital Cortex  see Occipital Lobe
Occipital Encephalocele  see Encephalocele
Occipital Gyrus  see Occipital Lobe
Mesh BrowserOccipital Lobe  WL 307 
Occipital Lobe Epilepsy  see Epilepsies, Partial
Occipital Region  see Occipital Lobe
Occipital Region Trauma  see Craniocerebral Trauma
Occipital Sulcus  see Occipital Lobe
Occipital Trauma  see Craniocerebral Trauma
Occipitotemporal Gyrus  see Temporal Lobe
Occluded Pupils  see Pupil Disorders
Mesh BrowserOcclusal Adjustment  WU 440 
Occlusal Equilibration  see Occlusal Adjustment
Occlusal Force  see Bite Force
Occlusal Guidance  see Dental Occlusion
Occlusal Plane  see Dental Occlusion
Occlusal Wear  see Tooth Attrition
Occlusal Wear, Restoration  see Dental Restoration Wear
Occlusion, Balanced Dental  see Dental Occlusion, Balanced
Occlusion, Centric Dental  see Dental Occlusion, Centric
Occlusion, Chemical Tubal  see Sterilization, Tubal
Occlusion, Dental  see Dental Occlusion
Occlusion, Dental, Traumatic  see Dental Occlusion, Traumatic
Occlusion, Nonchemical Tubal  see Sterilization, Tubal
Occlusion, Traumatic Dental  see Dental Occlusion, Traumatic
Mesh BrowserOcclusive Dressings  WO 167 
Mesh BrowserOccult Blood  QY 160 
Occult Primary Neoplasms  see Neoplasms, Unknown Primary
Occult Spina Bifida  see Spina Bifida Occulta
Occult Spinal Dysraphism  see Neural Tube Defects
Occult Spinal Dysraphism Sequence  see Neural Tube Defects
Mesh BrowserOccultism
Medical superstitions  WZ 309
See also Spiritual Therapies
Occupational Accidents  see Accidents, Occupational
Occupational Air Pollutants  see Air Pollutants, Occupational
Occupational Burnout  see Burnout, Professional
Mesh BrowserOccupational Dentistry  WA 412 
Occupational Dermatitis  see Dermatitis, Occupational
Mesh BrowserOccupational Diseases  WA 400-495 
Medicolegal aspects  W 925
Mental disorders (General)  WA 495
Nursing see Occupational Health Nursing  WY 141
Ophthalmological  WW 505
Prevention & control  WA 440-475
Workers' Compensation HD 7103.6-7103.65, etc.
See also Accidents, Occupational  WA 485-491, etc.
See also Disability Evaluation  W 925, etc.
Mesh BrowserOccupational Exposure  WA 400-495 
See also Air Pollutants, Occupational
See also Environmental Exposure
See also Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Mesh BrowserOccupational Health  WA 400-495 
Of women  WA 491
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserOccupational Health Nursing  WY 141 
Education  WY 18-18.5
Mesh BrowserOccupational Health Services  WA 412 
Mental health  WA 495
See also Mental Health Services WM 30, etc.
Occupational Hygiene  see Occupational Health
Occupational Illnesses  see Occupational Diseases
Mesh BrowserOccupational Injuries
General  WA 485-487
See also Accidents, Occupational
Mesh BrowserOccupational Medicine  WA 400-495 
See also Occupational Diseases
See also Occupational Health Services
See also Protective Devices
Occupational Noise  see Noise, Occupational
Occupational Nursing  see Occupational Health Nursing
Occupational Safety  see Occupational Health
Occupational Status  see Employment
Mesh BrowserOccupational Stress  WA 495 
Mesh BrowserOccupational Therapists  W 21 
Mesh BrowserOccupational Therapy
General  WB 555
Child  WS 368
Hospital department  WX 225
In psychotherapy  WM 450.5.O2
See also Occupational Therapists
See also Rehabilitation, Vocational
Mesh BrowserOccupational Therapy Department, Hospital  WX 225 
Occupational Therapy Departments, Hospital  see Occupational Therapy Department, Hospital
Mesh BrowserOccupations
Statistics and demographic discussions HB 2581-2787
Specific occupations, by type, e.g., Surgery  WO 21
See also Health Occupations
See also Vocational Guidance HF 5381-5382.67, etc.
Occupations, Allied Health  see Allied Health Occupations
Ocean Dolphins  see Dolphins
Mesh BrowserOceanic Ancestry Group
See special topics under Ethnic Groups
Mesh BrowserOceanography GC
General works GC 10.9-11.2
As a profession GC 30.5
See also Marine Biology
See also Oceans and Seas
See also Submarine Medicine
Oceans  see Oceans and Seas
Mesh BrowserOceans and Seas
General works GC 10.9-11.2
Balneology  WB 525
See also Seawater
Ochotona  see Lagomorpha
Ochotonidae  see Lagomorpha
Mesh BrowserOchratoxins  QW 630.5.M9 
Mesh BrowserOchronosis  WR 267 
OCT Tomography  see Tomography, Optical Coherence
Octapharma Brand of Intravenous Immunoglobulins, Human  see Immunoglobulins, Intravenous
Octim  see Deamino Arginine Vasopressin
Octocaine  see Lidocaine
Octogenarian  see Aged, 80 and over
Octogenarians  see Aged, 80 and over
Octostim  see Deamino Arginine Vasopressin
Ocu-Tracin  see Bacitracin
Ocufen  see Flurbiprofen
Ocuflur  see Flurbiprofen
Ocular Accommodation  see Accommodation, Ocular
Ocular Adaptation  see Adaptation, Ocular
Ocular Distance Accommodation  see Accommodation, Ocular
Ocular Fixation  see Fixation, Ocular
Ocular Fluorophotometry  see Fluorophotometry
Ocular Headache  see Headache
Ocular Herpes zoster Virus  see Herpesvirus 3, Human
Ocular Infections, Parasitic  see Eye Infections, Parasitic
Ocular Infections, Viral  see Eye Infections, Viral
Ocular Motility  see Eye Movements
Mesh BrowserOcular Motility Disorders  WW 410 
Ocular Physiologic Process  see Ocular Physiological Phenomena
Ocular Physiologic Processes  see Ocular Physiological Phenomena
Ocular Physiological Concepts  see Ocular Physiological Phenomena
Mesh BrowserOcular Physiological Phenomena  WW 103 
Ocular Physiological Phenomenon  see Ocular Physiological Phenomena
Ocular Physiological Process  see Ocular Physiological Phenomena
Ocular Physiological Processes  see Ocular Physiological Phenomena
Ocular Physiology  see Ocular Physiological Phenomena
Ocular Prosthesis  see Eye, Artificial
Ocular Refraction  see Refraction, Ocular
Ocular Rosacea  see Rosacea
Ocular Tension  see Intraocular Pressure
Ocular Tonometry  see Tonometry, Ocular
Ocular Torticollis  see Ocular Motility Disorders
Ocular Toxoplasmosis  see Toxoplasmosis, Ocular
Ocular Tuberculosis  see Tuberculosis, Ocular
Ocular Vision  see Vision, Ocular
Oculinum  see Botulinum Toxins, Type A
Oculocutaneous Albinism with Leukocyte Defect  see Chediak-Higashi Syndrome
Mesh BrowserOculomotor Muscles  WW 400-460 
See also Eye Movements
Mesh BrowserOculomotor Nerve  WL 330 
Oculomotor Paralysis  see Ophthalmoplegia
Oculopharyngeal Spinal Muscular Atrophy  see Muscular Atrophy, Spinal
Oculotect  see Povidone
Ocumed Brand of Bacitracin  see Bacitracin
Ocusert  see Pilocarpine
Ocytocin  see Oxytocin
Odan Brand of Quinine Sulfate  see Quinine
Oddi's Sphincter  see Sphincter of Oddi
Odontalgia  see Toothache
Mesh BrowserOdontoblasts  WU 230 
See also Dentin
Mesh BrowserOdontogenesis  WU 101 
See also Tooth
Mesh BrowserOdontogenic Cysts  WU 280 
Mesh BrowserOdontogenic Tumors  WU 280 
Odontome  see Tooth Abnormalities
Mesh BrowserOdontometry  WU 141.5.O2 
Odontophobia  see Dental Anxiety
Mesh BrowserOdorants
Industrial control  WA 450
Pollution  WA 754
See also Aromatherapy
See also Smell
Odors  see Odorants
Mesh BrowserOedipus Complex  WM 460 
Oesophagus  see Esophagus
Oestradiol  see Estradiol
Oestro-Feminal  see Estrogens, Conjugated (USP)
Oestrofeminal  see Estrogens, Conjugated (USP)
Offenders  see Criminals
Offenses, Sexual  see Sex Offenses
Mesh BrowserOffice Automation  W 26.5 
In special areas, by subject
Office, Dental  see Dental Offices
Mesh BrowserOffice Management  W 80 
Dental see Practice Management, Dental  WU 77-79
See also Dental Offices WU 77
See also names of specialties involved, e.g., Psychiatry
See also Practice Management, Medical  W 80
Mesh BrowserOffice Nursing  WY 109 
Office Surgery  see Ambulatory Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserOffice Visits
Made for special purpose, by subject
Offices, Dental  see Dental Offices
Official Medical Missions  see Medical Missions, Official
Offspring, Adult  see Adult Children
Offspring of Impaired Parents  see Child of Impaired Parents
Mesh BrowserOfloxacin  QV 250 
Ofloxacin Hydrochloride  see Ofloxacin
Ofloxacine  see Ofloxacin
OGTT  see Glucose Tolerance Test
Ohmic Resistance  see Electric Impedance
OIF OND  see Iraq War, 2003-2011
Mesh BrowserOils
As dosage form  QV 786.5.O4
Biochemistry  QU 86
Public health aspects  WA 722
See also names of specific oils
Oils, Essential  see Oils, Volatile
Oils, Plant  see Plant Oils
Oils, Unsaturated  see Fats, Unsaturated
Oils, Vegetable  see Plant Oils
Mesh BrowserOils, Volatile
Biochemistry  QU 86
Pharmacology  QV 786.5.O4
See also Aromatherapy
Mesh BrowserOintments  QV 786.5.O5 
OK-432  see Picibanil
Oka Varicella Vaccine  see Chickenpox Vaccine
Old Age  see Aged
Mesh BrowserOld Age Assistance  WT 30 
Social Security HD 7105.3-.35.A-Z
Old Age Homes  see Homes for the Aged
Old Age Security  see Old Age Assistance
Old Silk Route Disease  see Behcet Syndrome
Oldest Old  see Aged, 80 and over
Olecranon Fossa  see Humerus
Olecranon Fossi  see Humerus
Olefins  see Alkenes
Oleomargarine  see Margarine
Olfaction  see Smell
Mesh BrowserOlfaction Disorders  WV 301 
Olfactory Agnosia  see Agnosia
Olfactory Epithelium  see Olfactory Mucosa
Olfactory Fila  see Olfactory Nerve
Olfactory Groove Meningioma  see Meningioma
Olfactory Membrane  see Olfactory Mucosa
Mesh BrowserOlfactory Mucosa  WV 301 
Mesh BrowserOlfactory Nerve  WL 330 
See also Smell  WV 301
Mesh BrowserOlfactory Pathways  WL 314 
Olfactory Sense  see Smell
Olfactory Sulci  see Prefrontal Cortex
Oligoarthritis, Juvenile  see Arthritis, Juvenile
Oligoastrocytoma, Mixed  see Astrocytoma
Mesh BrowserOligochaeta  QX 451 
Oligodeoxyribonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis  see Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
Oligogenic Inheritance  see Multifactorial Inheritance
Oligogenic Traits  see Multifactorial Inheritance
Mesh BrowserOligomenorrhea  WP 552 
See also Amenorrhea
Mesh BrowserOligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis  QU 550.5.S4 
Special topics, by subject
See also Combinatorial Chemistry Techniques
See also Gene Expression Profiling
Oligonucleotide Arrays  see Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
Oligonucleotide Microarrays  see Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
Oligonucleotide-Directed Mutagenesis  see Mutagenesis, Site-Directed
Mesh BrowserOligonucleotides  QU 57 
Mesh BrowserOligonucleotides, Antisense  QU 57 
Mesh BrowserOligopeptides  QU 68 
Oligophrenia Phenylpyruvica  see Phenylketonurias
Mesh BrowserOligoribonucleotides  QU 57 
Mesh BrowserOligosaccharides  QU 83 
Omega 3 Fatty Acids  see Fatty Acids, Omega-3
Omega-3 Fatty Acids  see Fatty Acids, Omega-3
Omega-6 Fatty Acids  see Fatty Acids, Omega-6
Mesh Browseromega-Chloroacetophenone  QV 665 
Omental Appendices  see Colon
Omental Appendix  see Colon
Omental Bursa  see Peritoneal Cavity
Mesh BrowserOmentum  WI 575 
Mesh BrowserOmeprazole  QV 69 
Omeprazole Magnesium  see Omeprazole
Omeprazole Sodium  see Omeprazole
Omniapharm Brand of Bromhexine Hydrochloride  see Bromhexine
Omnipen  see Ampicillin
Omnitrope  see Human Growth Hormone
Omnopon  see Opium
OMP Proteins  see Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins
Omphalocele  see Hernia, Umbilical
Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus  see Encephalitis Viruses, Tick-Borne
On-Line Systems  see Online Systems
On-the-Job Training  see Inservice Training
Mesh BrowserOnchocerca  QX 301 
Mesh BrowserOnchocerciasis  WC 885 
Mesh BrowserOnchocerciasis, Ocular  WW 160 
Oncogene  see Oncogenes
Mesh BrowserOncogene Addiction  QZ 203 
Oncogene Product  see Oncogene Proteins
Oncogene Products  see Oncogene Proteins
Oncogene Protein  see Oncogene Proteins
Mesh BrowserOncogene Proteins  QZ 210 
Mesh BrowserOncogenes  QZ 210 
Oncogenes, Recessive  see Genes, Tumor Suppressor
Oncogenesis  see Carcinogenesis
Oncogenic Addiction  see Oncogene Addiction
Mesh BrowserOncogenic Viruses  QW 166 
See also Tumor Virus Infections
Oncogens  see Carcinogens
Oncologic Nursing  see Oncology Nursing
Mesh BrowserOncology Nursing  WY 156 
Oncological Nursing  see Oncology Nursing
Oncological Pain  see Cancer Pain
Mesh BrowserOncologists
General  QZ 21
Collective WZ 112.5.O5
Individual WZ 100
Oncology, Medical  see Medical Oncology
Oncology Pain  see Cancer Pain
Oncology, Radiation  see Radiation Oncology
Mesh BrowserOncology Service, Hospital  QZ 23-24 
Oncology Services, Hospital  see Oncology Service, Hospital
Oncoproteins  see Oncogene Proteins
Oncornaviruses  see Retroviridae
Oncovin  see Vincristine
Oncovine  see Vincristine
Oncovirinae  see Retroviridae
Oncoviruses  see Retroviridae
Oncoviruses, Type C  see Retroviridae
Ondatra  see Arvicolinae
Ondatra zibethicus  see Arvicolinae
One-Child Policy  see Family Planning Policy
One Child Policy  see Family Planning Policy
Mesh BrowserOne Health  WA 30.7 
One Health Concept  see One Health
One Health Initiative  see One Health
One Medicine Initiative  see One Health
One Parent Family  see Single-Parent Family
One-Parent Family  see Single-Parent Family
One-Person Household  see Family Characteristics
Mesh BrowserOnions
General QK 495.L72
As medicinal plants  QV 766.5.L4
Geographic distribution QV 770
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 430
Onkocristin  see Vincristine
Onkodox  see Doxorubicin
Onkofluor  see Fluorouracil
Onkoposid  see Etoposide
Onkotrone  see Mitoxantrone
Onkoworks Brand of Doxorubicin Hydrochloride  see Doxorubicin
Onkoworks Brand of Etoposide  see Etoposide
Onkoworks Brand of Fluorouracil  see Fluorouracil
Onlay, Dental  see Inlays
Onlays  see Inlays
Onlays, Dental  see Inlays
Online Education  see Education, Distance
Online Learning  see Education, Distance
Mesh BrowserOnline Systems Z 699
By subject Z 699.5.A-Z
In medicine (General)  W 26.55.I4
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserOnly Child  WS 105.5.F2 
Only Children  see Only Child
Ontogeny  see Developmental Biology
Onxol  see Paclitaxel
Mesh BrowserOnychomycosis  WR 475 
Onychophagia  see Nail Biting
Oocyte-Sperm Interactions  see Sperm-Ovum Interactions
Mesh BrowserOocytes  WQ 205 
Oophorectomy  see Ovariectomy
Mesh BrowserOophoritis  WP 320 
Ootorhinolaryngeal Neoplasms  see Otorhinolaryngologic Neoplasms
Opacity, Vitreous  see Vitreous Body
Opaque Media  see Contrast Media
Open Access to Information  see Access to Information
Open-Angle Glaucoma  see Glaucoma, Open-Angle
Mesh BrowserOpen Bite  WU 440 
Open Fractures  see Fractures, Open
Open Head Injury  see Craniocerebral Trauma
Open Spine  see Spinal Dysraphism
Openbite  see Open Bite
Operant Conditioning  see Conditioning, Operant
Mesh BrowserOperating Room Nursing  WY 162 
Education  WY 18-18.5
Mesh BrowserOperating Room Technicians  WY 162 
Mesh BrowserOperating Rooms  WX 200 
Architectural planning and construction  WX 140
Operation Desert Shield  see Gulf War
Operation Desert Storm  see Gulf War
Operation Iraqi Freedom  see Iraq War, 2003-2011
Operation New Dawn  see Iraq War, 2003-2011
Operative Dentistry  see Dentistry, Operative
Operative Procedures  see Surgical Procedures, Operative
Operative Surgical Procedure  see Surgical Procedures, Operative
Operative Surgical Procedures  see Surgical Procedures, Operative
Operidine EPJ-I  see Meperidine
Ophidia  see Snakes
Ophthalmia  see Endophthalmitis
Mesh BrowserOphthalmia, Sympathetic  WW 525 
Mesh BrowserOphthalmic Artery  WG 595.O7 
Mesh BrowserOphthalmic Assistants  WW 21.5 
Mesh BrowserOphthalmic Nerve  WL 330 
Mesh BrowserOphthalmic Solutions  WW 166 
Ophthalmologic Surgical Procedure  see Ophthalmologic Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserOphthalmologic Surgical Procedures
General  WW 168
Infant or child  WW 168
Of a particular disorder, with the disorder
See also Ophthalmology
Ophthalmological Diagnostic Technic  see Diagnostic Techniques, Ophthalmological
Ophthalmological Diagnostic Technics  see Diagnostic Techniques, Ophthalmological
Ophthalmological Diagnostic Technique  see Diagnostic Techniques, Ophthalmological
Ophthalmological Diagnostic Techniques  see Diagnostic Techniques, Ophthalmological
Ophthalmological Surgical Procedures  see Ophthalmologic Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserOphthalmologists
General  WW 21
Collective WZ 112.5.O7
Individual WZ 100
Mesh BrowserOphthalmology
General  WW 21
In occupational medicine  WW 505
See also Eye Diseases
See also Ophthalmologic Surgical Procedures
See also Ophthalmologists
See also Orthoptics
See also Vision, Ocular
Ophthalmoparesis  see Ophthalmoplegia
Ophthalmopathies, Thyroid-Associated  see Graves Ophthalmopathy
Ophthalmopathy, Infiltrative  see Graves Ophthalmopathy
Ophthalmopathy, Thyroid-Associated  see Graves Ophthalmopathy
Mesh BrowserOphthalmoplegia  WW 410 
Ophthalmoplegia, Progressive Supranuclear  see Supranuclear Palsy, Progressive
Mesh BrowserOphthalmoscopes  WW 26 
Mesh BrowserOphthalmoscopy  WW 143 
Veterinary SF 891
Ophthochlor  see Chloramphenicol
Opiate Abuse  see Opioid-Related Disorders
Opiate Addiction  see Opioid-Related Disorders
Opiate Dependence  see Opioid-Related Disorders
Opiate Peptides  see Opioid Peptides
Opiates, Endogenous  see Opioid Peptides
Opinions  see Attitude
Opioid Abuse  see Opioid-Related Disorders
Opioid Analgesics  see Analgesics, Opioid
Opioid Antagonists  see Narcotic Antagonists
Opioid Full Agonists  see Analgesics, Opioid
Opioid Mixed Agonist-Antagonists  see Analgesics, Opioid
Opioid Partial Agonists  see Analgesics, Opioid
Opioid Peptide  see Opioid Peptides
Mesh BrowserOpioid Peptides
Biochemistry  QU 68
Pharmacology  QV 126
Opioid Receptor Antagonists  see Narcotic Antagonists
Mesh BrowserOpioid-Related Disorders  WM 284 
See also names of specific narcotics
Opioids  see Analgesics, Opioid
Mesh BrowserOpisthorchiasis  WC 805 
Mesh BrowserOpisthorchis  QX 353 
Opisthorchis felineus  see Opisthorchis
Opisthorchis felineus Infection  see Opisthorchiasis
Opisthorchis Infection  see Opisthorchiasis
Opisthorchis sinensis  see Clonorchis sinensis
Opisthorchis viverrini  see Opisthorchis
Opisthorchis viverrini Infection  see Opisthorchiasis
Mesh BrowserOpium
Alkaloids  QV 90
See also Opium Dependence
Opium Abuse  see Opium Dependence
Opium Addiction  see Opium Dependence
Mesh BrowserOpium Dependence  WM 286 
Opium Poppy  see Papaver
Opium Smoking  see Opium Dependence
Opium Use  see Opium Dependence
Mesh BrowserOpossums QL 737.M34
Oppenheim Disease  see Neuromuscular Diseases
Oppenheim-Ziehen Disease  see Dystonia Musculorum Deformans
Oppenheim's Disease  see Neuromuscular Diseases
Mesh BrowserOpportunistic Infections
General  WC 195
Parasitic  WC 695
Viral  WC 500
Opportunistic Infections, AIDS-Related  see AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections
Opportunistic Infections, HIV-Related  see AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections
Oppositional Defiant Disorder  see Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders
Opsoclonus  see Ocular Motility Disorders
Opsonic alpha(2)SB Glycoprotein  see Fibronectins
Opsonic Glycoprotein  see Fibronectins
Optalgin  see Dipyrone
Opthavir  see Acyclovir
Mesh BrowserOptic Atrophy  WW 280 
Mesh BrowserOptic Chiasm  WW 280 
Optic Chiasma  see Optic Chiasm
Optic Decussation  see Optic Chiasm
Mesh BrowserOptic Disk  WW 280 
Optic Disk Disorders  see Optic Nerve Diseases
Optic Disk Edema  see Papilledema
Optic Lobe, Human  see Superior Colliculi
Optic Lobe, Mammalian  see Superior Colliculi
Mesh BrowserOptic Nerve  WW 280 
See also innervation under Eye
See also Vision, Ocular
Mesh BrowserOptic Nerve Diseases  WW 280 
Optic Nerve Head  see Optic Disk
Optic Nerve Ischemia  see Optic Neuropathy, Ischemic
Optic Nerve Neoplasm, Benign  see Optic Nerve Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserOptic Nerve Neoplasms  WW 280 
Optic Nerve Papillitis  see Papilledema
Optic Nerve Sheath Neoplasm  see Optic Nerve Neoplasms
Optic Nerve Sheath Neoplasms, Malignant  see Optic Nerve Neoplasms
Optic Nerve Sheath Tumors  see Optic Nerve Neoplasms
Optic Nerve Sheath Tumors, Benign  see Optic Nerve Neoplasms
Optic Nerve Sheath Tumors, Malignant  see Optic Nerve Neoplasms
Optic Nerve Tumor, Malignant  see Optic Nerve Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserOptic Neuritis  WW 280 
See also Neuritis
Optic Neuropathy  see Optic Nerve Diseases
Optic Neuropathy, Anterior Ischemic  see Optic Neuropathy, Ischemic
Mesh BrowserOptic Neuropathy, Ischemic  WW 280 
Optic Neuropathy, Posterior Ischemic  see Optic Neuropathy, Ischemic
Optic Papilla  see Optic Disk
Optic Papilla Edema  see Papilledema
Optic Tectum  see Superior Colliculi
Optical Coherence Tomography  see Tomography, Optical Coherence
Optical Concepts  see Optical Phenomena
Mesh BrowserOptical Fibers
General QC 447.9-448.2
Biomedical applications  QT 37
Used in endoscopy  WB 141
Used in specific types of endoscopy, with the specific type
See also Fiber Optic Technology
Mesh BrowserOptical Illusions  WW 105 
Mesh BrowserOptical Imaging  WN 195 
Optical Microscopy  see Microscopy
Mesh BrowserOptical Phenomena
General QC 350-467
See also Lenses
See also Vision, Ocular
Optical Phenomenon  see Optical Phenomena
Optical Process  see Optical Phenomena
Optical Processes  see Optical Phenomena
Optical Readers  see Automatic Data Processing
Mesh BrowserOptical Rotatory Dispersion
Physical chemistry QD 473
Optical Tomography  see Tomography, Optical
Opticianry  see Optometry
Opticians  see Optometrists
Mesh BrowserOptics and Photonics
General QC 350-467
As a profession QC 29
See also Optical Phenomena
Optimax  see Tryptophan
Optimil  see Methaqualone
Optimum Population  see Population Dynamics
Mesh BrowserOptometrists
General  WW 721
Collective WZ 112.5.O7
Individual WZ 100
Mesh BrowserOptometry  WW 704-722 
Optical dispensing  WW 350-355
See also names of functions of the optometrist, e.g., Orthoptics
Or-pen  see Penicillin G
Orabet  see Tolbutamide
Oral Administration  see Administration, Oral
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology  see Pathology, Oral
Mesh BrowserOral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
General  WU 21
Collective WZ 112.5.D3
Individual WZ 100
Oral Cancer  see Mouth Neoplasms
Oral Cavity  see Mouth
Oral Cavity Proper  see Mouth
Oral Character  see Psychoanalytic Theory
Oral Contraceptive Agents, Hormonal  see Contraceptives, Oral, Hormonal
Oral Contraceptive Agents, Sequential  see Contraceptives, Oral, Sequential
Oral Contraceptives  see Contraceptives, Oral
Oral Contraceptives, Combined  see Contraceptives, Oral, Combined
Oral Contraceptives, Hormonal  see Contraceptives, Oral, Hormonal
Oral Contraceptives, Low-Dose  see Contraceptives, Oral
Oral Contraceptives, Phasic  see Contraceptives, Oral
Oral Contraceptives, Sequential  see Contraceptives, Oral, Sequential
Oral Diagnosis  see Diagnosis, Oral
Oral Drug Administration  see Administration, Oral
Oral Dyskinesia  see Dyskinesias
Oral Examination  see Diagnosis, Oral
Oral-Facial Dyskinesia  see Dyskinesias
Oral Glucose Tolerance  see Glucose Tolerance Test
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test  see Glucose Tolerance Test
Mesh BrowserOral Health
General  WU 113
Infant or child  WU 113.6
Nutritional aspects  WU 113.7
See also Dental Clinics  WU 27-28
See also Dental Health Surveys  WU 30
See also Diagnosis, Oral  WU 141
See also Mouth Diseases
See also Mouth Rehabilitation  WU 140, etc.
Mesh BrowserOral Hemorrhage  WU 140 
Oral History as Topic  see Interviews as Topic
Mesh BrowserOral Hygiene  WU 113 
Infant or child  WU 113.6
See also Toothbrushing
Mesh BrowserOral Hygiene Index  WU 30 
Oral Hygiene Indexes  see Oral Hygiene Index
Mesh BrowserOral Manifestations  WU 290 
Of particular diseases, with the disease
Mesh BrowserOral Medicine  WU 140 
See also Dentistry
See also Mouth Diseases
See also Oral Manifestations
Oral Mucosa  see Mouth Mucosa
Oral Mucositis  see Stomatitis
Oral Myotherapy  see Myofunctional Therapy
Oral Neoplasms  see Mouth Neoplasms
Oral Pathology  see Pathology, Oral
Oral Rehydration  see Fluid Therapy
Oral Rehydration Therapy  see Fluid Therapy
Oral Sex  see Sexual Behavior
Oral Surgeons  see Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Oral Surgery  see Surgery, Oral
Oral Surgical Procedure  see Oral Surgical Procedures
Oral Surgical Procedure, Preprosthetic  see Oral Surgical Procedures, Preprosthetic
Mesh BrowserOral Surgical Procedures  WU 600-640 
Atlases  WU 600.7
Cardiac patients  WG 460
Infant or child  WU 480
See also Surgery, Oral  WU 600-640, etc.
Mesh BrowserOral Surgical Procedures, Preprosthetic  WU 500 
Oral Tobacco  see Tobacco, Smokeless
Mesh BrowserOral Ulcer  WU 140 
See also Gingivitis, Necrotizing Ulcerative
Oramorph SR  see Morphine
Orange Tree, Bitter  see Citrus
Orange Tree, Mandarin  see Citrus
Orange Tree, Seville  see Citrus
Orange Tree, Sour  see Citrus
Orangutan, Bornean  see Pongo pygmaeus
Oranil  see Carbutamide
Oranyl  see Carbutamide
Orasone  see Prednisone
Orbicin  see Dibekacin
Mesh BrowserOrbit  WW 202 
Orbital Area  see Prefrontal Cortex
Orbital Cortex  see Prefrontal Cortex
Mesh BrowserOrbital Diseases  WW 202 
Orbital Gyri  see Prefrontal Cortex
Mesh BrowserOrbital Implants  WW 358 
See also Eye, Artificial
Mesh BrowserOrbital Neoplasms  WW 202 
See also Eye Neoplasms
Orbitofrontal Cortex  see Prefrontal Cortex
Orbitofrontal Gyri  see Prefrontal Cortex
Orbitofrontal Gyrus  see Prefrontal Cortex
Orbitofrontal Region  see Prefrontal Cortex
Orcaella brevirostris  see Dolphins
Orchidectomy  see Orchiectomy
Mesh BrowserOrchiectomy  WJ 868 
Mesh BrowserOrchitis  WJ 830 
Order Entry Systems, Medical  see Medical Order Entry Systems
Orderlies  see Personnel, Hospital
Ordiflazine  see Lidoflazine
Oreamnos americanus  see Ruminants
Oregon Type Tyrosinemia  see Tyrosinemias
Orem Self-Care Model  see Models, Nursing
Oretic  see Hydrochlorothiazide
Orf  see Ecthyma, Contagious
ORF-28489  see Ofloxacin
Orf Virus Infection  see Ecthyma, Contagious
ORG-31338  see Menotropins
Org GB 94  see Mianserin
ORG-NC 45  see Vecuronium Bromide
ORG-NC-45  see Vecuronium Bromide
ORG-NC45  see Vecuronium Bromide
Organ Culture  see Organ Culture Techniques
Mesh BrowserOrgan Culture Techniques  QS 525 
See also Cells, Cultured
See also Tissue Engineering
Organ Donation  see Tissue and Organ Procurement
Organ Donors  see Tissue Donors
Organ Dysfunction Syndrome, Multiple  see Multiple Organ Failure
Organ Failure, Multiple  see Multiple Organ Failure
Organ Grafts  see Transplants
Organ Harvesting  see Tissue and Organ Harvesting
Mesh BrowserOrgan of Corti  WV 250 
Mesh BrowserOrgan Preservation  WO 665 
Of specific organs, with the organ
See also Tissue and Organ Harvesting
Organ Procurement  see Tissue and Organ Procurement
Organ Procurement Systems  see Tissue and Organ Procurement
Organ regeneration  see Regeneration
Organ Retrieval  see Tissue and Organ Harvesting
Mesh BrowserOrgan Specificity  QW 700 
Special topics, by subject
Organ Temperature  see Body Temperature
Mesh BrowserOrgan Transplantation  WO 660-690 
See also Transplantation Immunology
Organ Transplants  see Transplants
Mesh BrowserOrganelle Biogenesis  QU 375 
See also Origin of Life
Mesh BrowserOrganelles  QU 350 
Organic Arsenic Poisoning, Nervous System  see Arsenic Poisoning
Organic Brain Syndrome, Nonpsychotic  see Neurocognitive Disorders
Organic Catatonic Disorder  see Catatonia
Mesh BrowserOrganic Chemicals
As a cause of disease  QZ 59
Chemistry, Organic QD 241-441
Organic Chemistry  see Chemistry, Organic
Organic Chemistry Concepts  see Organic Chemistry Phenomena
Mesh BrowserOrganic Chemistry Phenomena
General QD 241-441
Organic Chemistry Phenomenon  see Organic Chemistry Phenomena
Organic Chemistry Process  see Organic Chemistry Phenomena
Organic Chemistry Processes  see Organic Chemistry Phenomena
Organic Food  see Food, Organic
Organic Mental Disorders  see Neurocognitive Disorders
Organic Mental Disorders, Psychotic  see Neurocognitive Disorders
Organic Mental Disorders, Substance-Induced  see Substance-Related Disorders
Organic Pigments  see Coloring Agents
Organic Poisons  see Poisons
Organic Produce  see Food, Organic
Mesh BrowserOrganisms, Genetically Modified QH 442.6
See also Food, Genetically Modified
See also Genetic Engineering
Organisms, Transgenic  see Organisms, Genetically Modified
Mesh BrowserOrganization and Administration
Health services see Health Services Administration  W 84, etc.
Hospital personnel see Personnel Administration, Hospital  WX 159-159.5
Hospital see Hospital Administration  WX 150-190
Library see Library Administration Z 678-678.88
Medicine  W 88
Nursing  WY 105
Nursing schools  WY 20
Pharmacy see Pharmacy Administration  QV 737
Psychiatry  WM 30.2
Public health see Public Health Administration  WA 525-590
Organization and Administration, Hospital  see Hospital Administration
Organization, Computer Systems  see Computer Systems
Organizational Change  see Organizational Innovation
Organizational Decision Making  see Decision Making, Organizational
Organizational Ergonomics  see Ergonomics
Organizational Ethics  see Ethics, Institutional
Mesh BrowserOrganizational Innovation
Hospital Administration  WX 150-190
Nursing Service  WY 105
Public Health Administration  WA 525-590
Specific types of organization, by organization
Mesh BrowserOrganizations
General HM 711
History (Form number 1 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Immunological  QW 501
Pharmaceutical  QV 701
See also names of specialties
See also names of specific types of organizations, e.g., Voluntary Health Agencies
(Form number 1 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Societies
Organizations, Consumer  see Consumer Organizations
Organizations, Health Maintenance  see Health Maintenance Organizations
Organizations, Health Planning  see Health Planning Organizations
Organizations, Hospital-Physician  see Hospital-Physician Joint Ventures
Organizations, Management Service  see Management Service Organizations
Organizations, Non-Profit  see Organizations, Nonprofit
Organizations, Nongovernmental  see Organizations
Mesh BrowserOrganizations, Nonprofit
Non-medical HD 2769.15-2769.2
(Form number 1 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Organizations, Peer Review  see Professional Review Organizations
Organizations, Physician-Hospital  see Hospital-Physician Joint Ventures
Organizations, Preferred Provider  see Preferred Provider Organizations
Organizations, Professional  see Societies
Organizations, Professional Review  see Professional Review Organizations
Organized Financing  see Financing, Organized
Organochlorine Compounds  see Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated
Mesh BrowserOrganogenesis
General biology QH 491
Human embryology  QS 604
Localized by site
Organoleptic  see Sensation
Mesh BrowserOrganometallic Compounds
Biochemistry  QU 131
Organic chemistry QD 410-412.5
Pharmacology  QV 290
Organon Brand of Ethinyl Estradiol  see Ethinyl Estradiol
Organon Brand of Menotropins  see Menotropins
Organon Brand of Tocopherol Acetate  see Tocopherols
Organon Teknika Brand of Menotropins  see Menotropins
Organophosphate Insecticide Antagonists  see Cholinesterase Reactivators
Mesh BrowserOrganophosphate Poisoning  QV 627 
Mesh BrowserOrganophosphonates  QU 131 
Mesh BrowserOrganophosphorus Compounds
Biochemistry  QU 131
Organic chemistry QD 406
As pesticides  WA 240
See also Cholinesterase Inhibitors
See also Cholinesterase Reactivators
See also Organophosphate Poisoning
Organophosphorus Poisoning  see Organophosphate Poisoning
Mesh BrowserOrganoplatinum Compounds
Pharmacology  QV 290
Organopyrophosphorus Compounds  see Organophosphorus Compounds
Mesh BrowserOrganotherapy  WB 391 
Organothiophosphate Insecticide Antagonists  see Cholinesterase Reactivators
Organothiophosphate Poisoning  see Organophosphate Poisoning
Organothiophosphonate Poisoning  see Organophosphate Poisoning
Mesh BrowserOrganothiophosphorus Compounds
As pesticides  WA 240
Toxicology  QV 627
See also Cholinesterase Inhibitors
See also Cholinesterase Reactivators
Mesh BrowserOrgasm HQ 19-25
Orgasmic Disorder  see Sexual Dysfunctions, Psychological
Oriental Medicine  see Medicine, East Asian Traditional
Oriental Medicine, Traditional  see Medicine, East Asian Traditional
Oriental Philology  see Philology, Oriental
Oriental Sore  see Leishmaniasis, Cutaneous
Oriental Traditional Medicine  see Medicine, East Asian Traditional
Mesh BrowserOrientation
Animal QL 782.5
Aviation  WD 730
Bird navigation and migration QL 698.8-698.9
Outer space  WD 754
Psychophysiology  WL 103
Reflex  WL 106
See also Adaptation, Ocular
See also Adaptation, Psychological
Orientation Programs, Employee  see Inservice Training
Mesh BrowserOrientation, Spatial  WV 255 
Orientia tsutsugamushi Infection  see Scrub Typhus
Mesh BrowserOrigin of Life QH 325
Orinapterin  see Biopterin
Orinase  see Tolbutamide
Orion Brand of Beclomethasone Dipropionate  see Beclomethasone
Orion Brand of Estradiol  see Estradiol
Orion Brand of Methyldopa  see Methyldopa
Orion Brand of Nifedipine  see Nifedipine
Ormond Disease  see Retroperitoneal Fibrosis
Ormond's Disease  see Retroperitoneal Fibrosis
Mesh BrowserOrnithine  QU 60 
Ornithine Carboxy-lyase  see Ornithine Decarboxylase
Ornithine, (D)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Mesh BrowserOrnithine Decarboxylase  QU 139 
Ornithine Dihydrochloride, (L)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine, (DL)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Hydrochloride, (D)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Hydrochloride, (DL)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Hydrochloride, (L)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine, (L)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Monoacetate, (L)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Monohydrobromide, (L)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Monohydrochloride, (D)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Monohydrochloride, (DL)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Phosphate (1:1), (L)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithine Sulfate (1:1), (L)-Isomer  see Ornithine
Ornithosis  see Psittacosis
Orofacial Dyskinesia  see Dyskinesias
Orofacial Myology  see Myofunctional Therapy
Orofacial Myotherapy  see Myofunctional Therapy
Orofacial Pain  see Facial Pain
Oromucositis  see Stomatitis
Oropharyngeal Cancer  see Oropharyngeal Neoplasms
Oropharyngeal Dysphagia  see Deglutition Disorders
Mesh BrowserOropharyngeal Neoplasms  WV 410 
Oropharynx Cancer  see Oropharyngeal Neoplasms
Oropharynx Neoplasms  see Oropharyngeal Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserOrotic Acid
Biochemistry  QU 58
Pharmacology  QV 185
Oroxine  see Thyroxine
Oroya Fever  see Bartonella Infections
Orphan Brand of Naltrexone Hydrochloride  see Naltrexone
Orphan Diseases  see Rare Diseases
Mesh BrowserOrphan Drug Production  QV 736 
Mesh BrowserOrphanages HV 959-1420.5
See also Child, Orphaned  WA 320
Orphans  see Child, Orphaned
Orsade Brand of Dapsone  see Dapsone
Ortacrone  see Amiodarone
Ortega Brand of Penicillin G Potassium  see Penicillin G
Ortho Brand of Testosterone  see Testosterone
ortho-Dihydroxybenzenes  see Catechols
ortho-Isopropylmethyl Phosphonofluoridate  see Sarin
Ortho-McNeil Neurologics Brand of Galantamine  see Galantamine
Orthodontic Adhesives  see Dental Cements
Mesh BrowserOrthodontic Appliances  WU 426 
See also Dental Bonding
Orthodontic Appliances, Activator  see Activator Appliances
Mesh BrowserOrthodontic Extrusion  WU 400 
Orthodontic Tooth Movement  see Tooth Movement Techniques
Mesh BrowserOrthodontic Wires  WU 426 
Mesh BrowserOrthodontics  WU 400-440 
As a profession  WU 21
See also Malocclusion
See also Orthodontists
Mesh BrowserOrthodontics, Corrective  WU 400-440 
See also Malocclusion
Mesh BrowserOrthodontics, Preventive  WU 400 
Mesh BrowserOrthodontists
General  WU 21
Collective WZ 112.5.D3
Individual WZ 100
Orthofen  see Diclofenac
Mesh BrowserOrthognathic Surgery
General  WU 600
For specific diseases or abnormalities, with the disease
Mesh BrowserOrthognathic Surgical Procedures  WU 600 
Mesh BrowserOrthomolecular Therapy  WB 330 
In psychiatry  WM 402
Mesh BrowserOrthomyxoviridae  QW 168.5.O7 
Mesh BrowserOrthomyxoviridae Infections  WC 512 
Orthomyxovirus Infections  see Orthomyxoviridae Infections
Orthomyxovirus Type A  see Influenza A virus
Orthomyxovirus Type A, Avian  see Influenza A virus
Orthomyxovirus Type A, Human  see Influenza A virus
Orthomyxovirus Type A, Porcine  see Influenza A virus
Orthomyxoviruses  see Orthomyxoviridae
Orthopantomography  see Radiography, Panoramic
Orthopedic Disorders  see Musculoskeletal Diseases
Mesh BrowserOrthopedic Equipment  WE 26 
See also specific types of equipment, e.g., Bone Plates
See also Prostheses and Implants
Mesh BrowserOrthopedic Fixation Devices  WE 185 
Orthopedic Manipulation  see Manipulation, Orthopedic
Mesh BrowserOrthopedic Nursing  WY 157.6 
Mesh BrowserOrthopedic Procedures
General  WE 168-190
Animals SF 910.5
Infant or child  WS 270
Nursing  WY 157.6
Veterinary SF 910.5
See also names of particular bones, joints, or procedures
See also Orthopedics
Mesh BrowserOrthopedic Surgeons
General  WE 21
Collective WZ 112.5.O75
Individual WZ 100
Orthopedic Surgery  see Orthopedics
Orthopedic Surgical Procedures  see Orthopedic Procedures
Mesh BrowserOrthopedics  WE 21 
See also Orthopedic Procedures
See also Orthopedic Surgeons
See also Osteology
Orthopedists  see Orthopedic Surgeons
Orthophen  see Diclofenac
Orthophosphate  see Phosphates
Mesh BrowserOrthopsychiatry  WM 21 
See also Mental Health
Mesh BrowserOrthoptera  QX 570 
Mesh BrowserOrthoptics  WW 405 
See also Strabismus
Orthoses  see Orthotic Devices
Orthosis  see Orthotic Devices
Orthostasis  see Dizziness
Orthostatic Headache  see Headache
Orthostatic Hypotension  see Hypotension, Orthostatic
Orthostatic Hypotension, Dysautonomic  see Shy-Drager Syndrome
Mesh BrowserOrthotic Devices  WE 26 
Ortofen  see Diclofenac
Ortonal  see Methaqualone
Oryctolagus cuniculus  see Rabbits
Mesh BrowserOryza
Cultivation SB 191.R5
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 431
Oryza sativa  see Oryza
Oryzavirus  see Reoviridae
Os Lunatum  see Lunate Bone
Os Odontoideum  see Axis, Cervical Vertebra
Oscillator, Biologic  see Biological Clocks
Oscillators, Biological  see Biological Clocks
Oscillators, Endogenous  see Biological Clocks
Mesh BrowserOscillometry
General QC 661
Biophysics  QT 34
Osgood-Schlatter Disease  see Osteochondrosis
Osler-Rendu Disease  see Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic
Osler-Rendu-Weber Disease  see Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic
Osler-Vaquez Disease  see Polycythemia Vera
Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome  see Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic
Osler's Disease  see Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic
Mesh BrowserOsmium
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.07
Pharmacology  QV 290
Osmolality  see Osmolar Concentration
Mesh BrowserOsmolar Concentration QD 541
Osmolarity  see Osmolar Concentration
Mesh BrowserOsmoregulation  QU 375 
See also Osmotic Pressure
Osmosin  see Indomethacin
Mesh BrowserOsmosis
Biochemical phenomena  QU 34
Inorganic chemistry QD 543
Plant physiology QK 871
Mesh BrowserOsmotic Pressure QD 543
See also Osmoregulation
See also Water-Electrolyte Balance
See also Water-Electrolyte Imbalance
Osmotic Shock  see Osmotic Pressure
Osmotic Stress  see Osmotic Pressure
Osmotic Stress Regulating Pathway  see Osmoregulation
Osmotic Stress Response  see Osmoregulation
Mesh BrowserOsseointegration  WE 202 
See also Arthroplasty
See also Bone Substitutes
See also Hip Prosthesis
Osseous Paget's Disease  see Osteitis Deformans
Mesh BrowserOssicular Prosthesis  WV 230 
See also Ossicular Replacement
Ossicular Prosthesis Implantation  see Ossicular Replacement
Mesh BrowserOssicular Replacement  WV 230 
See also Ossicular Prosthesis
Ossicular Replacement Implant  see Ossicular Prosthesis
Ossicular Replacement Prostheses  see Ossicular Prosthesis
Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis  see Ossicular Prosthesis
Ossification  see Osteogenesis
Ossification, Ectopic  see Ossification, Heterotopic
Mesh BrowserOssification, Heterotopic  QZ 140 
Localized, by site
Mesh BrowserOssification of Posterior Longitudinal Ligament  WE 727 
Ossification, Pathologic  see Ossification, Heterotopic
Ossification, Pathological  see Ossification, Heterotopic
Ossification, Physiologic  see Osteogenesis
Ossification, Physiological  see Osteogenesis
Ostamer  see Polyurethanes
Mesh BrowserOsteitis  WE 251 
See also Osteochondritis
Mesh BrowserOsteitis Deformans  WE 250 
Mesh BrowserOsteitis Fibrosa Cystica  WK 300 
Osteitis Fibrosa Disseminata  see Fibrous Dysplasia of Bone
Mesh BrowserOsteoarthritis
General  WE 348
Localized, by site
Mesh BrowserOsteoarthritis, Hip  WE 860 
Mesh BrowserOsteoarthritis, Knee  WE 870 
Osteoarthritis Of Hip  see Osteoarthritis, Hip
Osteoarthritis Of Knee  see Osteoarthritis, Knee
Osteoarthrosis  see Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthrosis Deformans  see Osteoarthritis
Mesh BrowserOsteochondritis  WE 259 
Localized, by site
See also Osteitis
Osteochondritis Deformans  see Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Mesh BrowserOsteochondrodysplasias  WE 250 
Osteochondromas, Multiple  see Exostoses, Multiple Hereditary
Mesh BrowserOsteochondrosis  WE 259 
Osteoclastic Bone Loss  see Bone Resorption
Osteoclastogenesis  see Osteogenesis
Osteoconduction  see Bone Regeneration
Mesh BrowserOsteocytes  WE 200 
Osteodysplasty of Melnick and Needles  see Osteochondrodysplasias
Osteodystrophy, Renal  see Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder
Mesh BrowserOsteogenesis  WE 202 
See also Bony Callus
Mesh BrowserOsteogenesis, Distraction  WE 168 
In oral surgery  WU 600
Localized, by site
See also Ilizarov Technique
Mesh BrowserOsteogenesis Imperfecta  WE 250 
Osteogenesis Imperfecta Tarda  see Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Type 1  see Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Type I  see Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Osteogenesis Imperfecta with Blue Sclerae  see Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Osteogenic Sarcoma  see Osteosarcoma
Mesh BrowserOsteology
General  WE 21
See also Bone and Bones
See also Orthopedics
Mesh BrowserOsteolysis  WE 202 
Mesh BrowserOsteoma  QZ 340 
Localized, by site
Mesh BrowserOsteomalacia  WD 145 
Mesh BrowserOsteomyelitis  WE 251 
Mesh BrowserOsteonecrosis
General  WE 225
Localized, by site
Osteopath  see Osteopathic Physicians
Osteopathic Manipulation  see Manipulation, Osteopathic
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine  see Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment  see Manipulation, Osteopathic
Mesh BrowserOsteopathic Medicine  WB 112 
See also Osteopathic Physicians
Osteopathic Physician  see Osteopathic Physicians
Mesh BrowserOsteopathic Physicians  WB 112 
See also Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopaths  see Osteopathic Physicians
Osteopathy  see Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopenia  see Bone Diseases, Metabolic
Mesh BrowserOsteopetrosis  WE 250 
Osteopetrosis, Autosomal Dominant 2  see Osteopetrosis
Osteopetrosis Autosomal Dominant Type 2  see Osteopetrosis
Osteopetrosis, Autosomal Dominant, Type II  see Osteopetrosis
Osteophytosis, Spinal  see Spinal Osteophytosis
Mesh BrowserOsteoporosis  WE 250 
Osteoporosis, Age-Related  see Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis, Involutional  see Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis, Post-Menopausal  see Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal
Osteoporosis, Post-Traumatic  see Osteoporosis
Mesh BrowserOsteoporosis, Postmenopausal  WE 250 
Osteoporosis, Senile  see Osteoporosis
Mesh BrowserOsteoporotic Fractures  WE 250 
Mesh BrowserOsteosarcoma  WE 258 
Localized, by site
Osteosarcoma Tumor  see Osteosarcoma
Mesh BrowserOsteosclerosis  WE 250 
Osteosclerosis Fragilis  see Osteopetrosis
Osteosclerosis Fragilis Generalisata  see Osteopetrosis
Osteosynthesis, Fracture  see Fracture Fixation, Internal
Osteosynthesis, Fracture, Intramedullary  see Fracture Fixation, Intramedullary
Mesh BrowserOsteotomy  WE 168 
Mesh BrowserOsteotomy, Le Fort  WU 610 
Osteotomy, LeFort  see Osteotomy, Le Fort
Ostium Secundum Atrial Septal Defect  see Heart Septal Defects, Atrial
Mesh BrowserOstomy
General  WI 980
See also specific kinds, e.g., Enterostomy
Ostracoda  see Crustacea
Ostracods  see Crustacea
Mesh BrowserOstreidae  QX 675 
Osvan  see Benzalkonium Compounds
OTC Drugs  see Nonprescription Drugs
Otic Ganglia  see Ganglia, Parasympathetic
Mesh BrowserOtitis  WV 200 
Mesh BrowserOtitis Externa  WV 220 
Otitis Interna  see Labyrinthitis
Mesh BrowserOtitis Media  WV 232 
Otitis Media, Purulent  see Otitis Media, Suppurative
Otitis Media, Secretory  see Otitis Media with Effusion
Otitis Media, Serous  see Otitis Media with Effusion
Mesh BrowserOtitis Media, Suppurative  WV 232 
Mesh BrowserOtitis Media with Effusion  WV 232 
Mesh BrowserOtoacoustic Emissions, Spontaneous  WV 272 
Otogenic Vertigo  see Meniere Disease
Otolaryngologic Diseases  see Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases
Otolaryngological Diseases  see Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases
Mesh BrowserOtolaryngologists
General  WV 21
Collective WZ 112.5.O8
Individual WZ 100
Mesh BrowserOtolaryngology  WV 21 
See also Audiology
See also Otolaryngologists
See also Otologic Surgical Procedures
See also Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases
See also Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedures
Otologic Diseases  see Ear Diseases
Otologic Surgical Procedure  see Otologic Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserOtologic Surgical Procedures
General  WV 200
See also names of specific surgical procedures, e.g., Cochlear Implantation  WV 274
Surgery of specific parts of the ear with the part, e.g., Ear, Middle  WV 230
See also Otolaryngology
Otological Diagnostic Technic  see Diagnostic Techniques, Otological
Otological Diagnostic Technics  see Diagnostic Techniques, Otological
Otological Diagnostic Technique  see Diagnostic Techniques, Otological
Otological Diagnostic Techniques  see Diagnostic Techniques, Otological
Otological Diseases  see Ear Diseases
Otologists  see Otolaryngologists
Otology  see Otolaryngology
Otoneurology  see Neurotology
Otorhinolaryngeal Cancer  see Otorhinolaryngologic Neoplasms
Otorhinolaryngologic Disease  see Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases
Mesh BrowserOtorhinolaryngologic Diseases
General  WV 140
Diagnosis  WV 150
Disability evaluation  WV 32
General Surgery  WV 168
Intracranial complications  WV 180
Nursing  WY 158.5
Signs and symptoms  WV 150
See also Ear Diseases
See also Laryngeal Diseases
See also Nose Diseases
See also Pharyngeal Diseases
Otorhinolaryngologic Neoplasm  see Otorhinolaryngologic Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserOtorhinolaryngologic Neoplasms  WV 190 
Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedure  see Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserOtorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedures  WV 168 
Infant or child  WV 168
See also Otolaryngology
Otorhinolaryngological Disease  see Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases
Otorhinolaryngological Neoplasms  see Otorhinolaryngologic Neoplasms
Otorhinolaryngological Surgical Procedures  see Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedures
Otorhinolaryngology  see Otolaryngology
Mesh BrowserOtosclerosis  WV 265 
See also Fenestration, Labyrinth
Otoscope  see Otoscopes
Mesh BrowserOtoscopes  WV 26 
See also Otoscopy
Mesh BrowserOtoscopy
Diagnostic use  WV 210
Diagnostic Techniques, Otological  WV 210
For specific ear diseases, with the disease
See also Otoscopes  WV 26
Otospongiosis  see Otosclerosis
Otto Syndrome  see Arthrogryposis
Out-Migration  see Emigration and Immigration
Out-of-Pocket Costs  see Health Expenditures
Out-of Pocket Expenditures  see Health Expenditures
Out-of-Pocket Expenses  see Health Expenditures
Out-of-Pocket Payments  see Health Expenditures
Out-of-Pocket Spending  see Health Expenditures
Out-patients  see Outpatients
Outbreaks  see Disease Outbreaks
Outcome and Process Assessment  see Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)
Mesh BrowserOutcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)  W 84.4 
Of particular treatments, by subject, e.g., Psychotherapy  WM 420, etc.
Outcome, Pregnancy  see Pregnancy Outcome
Outcomes, Pregnancy  see Pregnancy Outcome
Outer Ear  see Ear, External
Outer Membrane Lipoproteins, Bacterial  see Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins
Outer Membrane Proteins, Bacterial  see Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins
Outlet Impingement  see Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Outlet Impingement Syndrome  see Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Mesh BrowserOutlines
Anesthesia  WO 218.2
Embryology  QS 618.2
Forensic medicine and dentistry  W 618.2
Histology  QS 518.2
Immunology  QW 518.2
(Form number 18.2 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Outpatient Care  see Ambulatory Care
Outpatient Clinic  see Ambulatory Care Facilities
Outpatient Clinics  see Ambulatory Care Facilities
Mesh BrowserOutpatient Clinics, Hospital  WX 205 
Specialty hospitals (Form numbers 27-28 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Ambulatory Care
Outpatient Commitment  see Commitment of Mentally Ill
Outpatient Health Services  see Ambulatory Care
Outpatient Services  see Ambulatory Care
Outpatient Surgery  see Ambulatory Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserOutpatients  WX 205 
Patient with a particular disease, with the disease
See also Ambulatory Care
Mesh BrowserOutsourced Services
In medicine (General)  W 74
Other specific topics, by subject, in economics number where available
See also Contract Services  W 74, etc.
Outsourcing  see Outsourced Services
Ova  see Ovum
Mesh BrowserOvalbumin  QU 55.4 
Ovarian Cancer  see Ovarian Neoplasms
Ovarian Carcinoma  see Ovarian Neoplasms
Ovarian Cycle  see Menstrual Cycle
Mesh BrowserOvarian Cysts  WP 322 
Mesh BrowserOvarian Diseases  WP 320-322 
Mesh BrowserOvarian Follicle  WP 320 
See also Ovum  WQ 205
Ovarian Follicles  see Ovarian Follicle
Mesh BrowserOvarian Function Tests  WP 520 
Ovarian Inhibin  see Inhibins
Mesh BrowserOvarian Neoplasms  WP 322 
Ovarian Pregnancy  see Pregnancy, Ovarian
Ovarian Stimulation  see Ovulation Induction
Mesh BrowserOvariectomy  WP 320 
Ovaries  see Ovary
Mesh BrowserOvary  WP 320-322 
Endocrine function  WP 520-530
General works WP 520
See also Corpus Luteum
See also Ovarian Follicle
See also names of hormones produced
Ovarian function  WP 540
See also Oophoritis
See also Ovariectomy
See also Pregnancy, Ovarian
Ovary Cancer  see Ovarian Neoplasms
Ovary Neoplasms  see Ovarian Neoplasms
Over Prescribing  see Inappropriate Prescribing
Over-the-Counter Drug Misuse  see Drug Misuse
Over-the-Counter Drugs  see Nonprescription Drugs
Overdenture  see Denture, Overlay
Overeating  see Hyperphagia
Overinclusion  see Cognition Disorders
Mesh BrowserOvernutrition
General  WD 100
In children
General (from birth through adolescence) WS 115
Adolescent WS 115
Child WS 130
Infant WS 120
As a cause of specific disease, with the disease, e.g., Obesity
See also Hyperphagia
Overpopulation  see Population Density
Overuse Injury  see Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Overuse Syndrome  see Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Overviews, Clinical Trial  see Meta-Analysis as Topic
Mesh BrowserOverweight
General  WD 210-212
As a cause of a specific disease, with the disease
Ovestin  see Estriol
Mesh BrowserOviducts
Domestic animals SF 871
Human see Fallopian Tubes  WP 300, etc.
Wild animals QL 881
See also Fallopian Tubes
Oviducts, Mammalian  see Fallopian Tubes
Ovine Catarrhal Fever Virus  see Bluetongue virus
Ovine Diseases  see Sheep Diseases
Ovis  see Sheep
Ovis ammon aries  see Sheep, Domestic
Ovis aries  see Sheep, Domestic
Ovis aries musimon  see Sheep, Domestic
Ovis dalli  see Sheep
Ovis gmelini musimon  see Sheep, Domestic
Ovocyclin  see Estradiol
Ovocytes  see Oocytes
Ovoperoxidase  see Peroxidases
Ovrette  see Norgestrel
Mesh BrowserOvulation  WP 540 
Animal SF 871
Suppression for contraception see Ovulation Inhibition  WP 630
Mesh BrowserOvulation Detection  WP 540 
Ovulation Detection, Basal Body Temperature Method  see Ovulation Detection
Ovulation Detection, Cervical Mucus Method  see Ovulation Detection
Ovulation Detection, Sympto-Thermal Method  see Ovulation Detection
Mesh BrowserOvulation Induction  WP 540 
Mesh BrowserOvulation Inhibition
General  WP 540
For contraception  WP 630
Ovulation Suppression  see Ovulation Inhibition
Mesh BrowserOvum
Animal QL 965
Development  WQ 205
See also Ovarian Follicle
Ovum Donors  see Tissue Donors
Ovum, Fertilized  see Zygote
Ovum Implantation  see Embryo Implantation
Ovum Implantation, Delayed  see Embryo Implantation, Delayed
Ovum Proteins  see Egg Proteins
Ovum-Sperm Interactions  see Sperm-Ovum Interactions
Mesh BrowserOxalates
Biochemistry  QU 98
Toxicology  QV 632
Oxalic Acids  see Oxalates
Oxandrin  see Oxandrolone
Mesh BrowserOxandrolone  WJ 875 
Mesh BrowserOxazoles  QV 95 
Mesh BrowserOxidants, Photochemical  WA 754 
Oxidase  see Oxidoreductases
Oxidases  see Oxidoreductases
Oxidation  see Metabolism
Mesh BrowserOxidation-Reduction
Metabolism  QU 125
Organic chemistry QD 281.O9
See also Antioxidants
Mesh BrowserOxidative Phosphorylation  QU 125 
Oxidative Phosphorylation Deficiencies  see Mitochondrial Diseases
Mesh BrowserOxidative Stress  QZ 160 
Mesh BrowserOxides  QV 312 
See also Cyclic N-Oxides
Mesh BrowserOxidoreductases  QU 140 
Oxiken  see Dobutamine
Mesh BrowserOximes  QV 124 
Mesh BrowserOximetry  QY 450 
Oximetry, Pulse  see Oximetry
Oximetry, Transcutaneous  see Blood Gas Monitoring, Transcutaneous
Oxirane  see Ethylene Oxide
Oxiranes  see Epoxy Compounds
Oxomethane  see Formaldehyde
Oxoquinolines  see Quinolones
Oxpentifylline  see Pentoxifylline
Oxsoralen  see Methoxsalen
Oxsoralen-Ultra  see Methoxsalen
Oxycephaly  see Craniosynostoses
Oxydol  see Hydrogen Peroxide
Oxyesthesia  see Hyperesthesia
Mesh BrowserOxygen  QV 312 
See also Hypoxia
Oxygen-16  see Oxygen
Mesh BrowserOxygen Compounds  QV 312 
Mesh BrowserOxygen Consumption  WF 110 
Oxygen Deficiency  see Hypoxia
Mesh BrowserOxygen Inhalation Therapy  WF 145 
Oxygen Partial Pressure Determination, Transcutaneous  see Blood Gas Monitoring, Transcutaneous
Oxygen Radicals  see Reactive Oxygen Species
Oxygen Species, Reactive  see Reactive Oxygen Species
Mesh BrowserOxygenases  QU 140 
Oxygenation, Extracorporeal Membrane  see Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Oxygenation, Hyperbaric  see Hyperbaric Oxygenation
Mesh BrowserOxygenators  WO 162 
Used for special purposes, by subject, e.g., Cardiac Surgical Procedures  WG 169
See also Heart-Lung Machine
Mesh BrowserOxygenators, Membrane  WO 162 
Used for special purposes, by subject, e.g., Postoperative Care  WO 184, etc.
Oxyntic Cells  see Parietal Cells, Gastric
Mesh BrowserOxyphenbutazone  QV 95 
Oxyphenylbutazone  see Oxyphenbutazone
Oxyproline  see Hydroxyproline
Oxyterracin  see Oxytetracycline
Oxyterracine  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracid  see Oxytetracycline
Mesh BrowserOxytetracycline  QV 360 
Oxytetracycline, (4a beta,5 beta,5a beta,12a beta)-Isomer  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline, (5 beta)-Isomer  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline Anhydrous  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline, Anhydrous  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline Calcium  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline, Calcium (1:1) Salt  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline Dihydrate  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline, Disodium Salt, Dihydrate  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline Monohydrochloride  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline, Sodium Salt  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytetracycline Sulfate (2:1)  see Oxytetracycline
Oxytocic Agents  see Oxytocics
Oxytocic Drugs  see Oxytocics
Oxytocic Effect  see Oxytocics
Oxytocic Effects  see Oxytocics
Mesh BrowserOxytocics  QV 173 
Mesh BrowserOxytocin  QV 173 
See also Oxytocics
Oxytocin-Associated Neurophysin  see Neurophysins
Mesh BrowserOxyuriasis  WC 860 
Mesh BrowserOxyuroidea  QX 271 
Oysters  see Ostreidae
Ozena  see Rhinitis, Atrophic
Mesh BrowserOzone  QV 312