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K-Casein  see Caseins
K-ras Genes  see Genes, ras
K-ras Oncogenes  see Genes, ras
Kade Brand of Meprobamate  see Meprobamate
Kaempferia  see Zingiberaceae
Kaffir Lime  see Citrus
Kahler Disease  see Multiple Myeloma
Kahn Test  see Syphilis Serodiagnosis
Kainate  see Kainic Acid
Kainate Receptor  see Receptors, Kainic Acid
Kainate Receptors  see Receptors, Kainic Acid
Mesh BrowserKainic Acid
As a neurotoxin  QW 630.5.N4
As an antithelmintic  QV 253
See also Receptors, Kainic Acid
Kainic Acid Receptor  see Receptors, Kainic Acid
Kainic Acid Receptors  see Receptors, Kainic Acid
Kairomones  see Pheromones
Kakke  see Beriberi
Kala-Azar  see Leishmaniasis, Visceral
Kalaallits  see Inuits
Kale  see Brassica
Kalipsol  see Ketamine
Mesh BrowserKallidin  QU 68 
Kallidin, (D)-Isomer  see Kallidin
Kallidin Tetraacetate  see Kallidin
Kallidinogenase  see Kallikreins
Kalliginogenase  see Kallikreins
Kallikrein  see Kallikreins
Kallikrein A  see Kallikreins
Kallikrein B'  see Kallikreins
Kallikrein hK3  see Prostate-Specific Antigen
Mesh BrowserKallikrein-Kinin System
In water-electrolyte balance  QU 105
See also Renin-Angiotensin System
Kallikrein Light Chain  see Kallikreins
Kallikrein-Trypsin Inactivator  see Aprotinin
Mesh BrowserKallikreins  QU 136 
See also Coagulants  QV 195
Kalma Brand of Tryptophan  see Tryptophan
Kaluril  see Amiloride
Kampo  see Medicine, Kampo
Kampo Medicine  see Medicine, Kampo
Mesh BrowserKanamycin  QV 250 
Kanamycin A  see Kanamycin
Kanamycin Sulfate  see Kanamycin
Kandinsky Syndrome  see Neurocognitive Disorders
Kangaroos  see Macropodidae
Kanner's Syndrome  see Autistic Disorder
Kanpo  see Medicine, Kampo
Kanpo Medicine  see Medicine, Kampo
Kantrex  see Kanamycin
Kaposi Disease  see Xeroderma Pigmentosum
Kaposi Sarcoma  see Sarcoma, Kaposi
Mesh BrowserKaposi Varicelliform Eruption  WC 578 
Kaposi's Disease  see Xeroderma Pigmentosum
Kaposi's Sarcoma  see Sarcoma, Kaposi
Kaposi's Varicelliform Eruption  see Kaposi Varicelliform Eruption
kappa Allotypes  see Immunoglobulin Allotypes
kappa-Casein  see Caseins
kappa-Caseins  see Caseins
kappa-Elastin  see Elastin
Karate  see Martial Arts
Karbofos  see Malathion
Kardiotrast  see Iodopyracet
Karstenite  see Calcium Sulfate
Mesh BrowserKaryotype  QU 470 
See also Karyotyping
Karyotype Analysis Methods  see Karyotyping
Mesh BrowserKaryotyping  QY 95 
See also Karyotype
Kasaba  see Manihot
Katayama Fever  see Schistosomiasis
Katrum  see Capsaicin
Katz Adjustment Scales  see Psychiatric Status Rating Scales
Kawasaki Disease  see Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome
Kawasaki Syndrome  see Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome
KB-53  see Catechin
Keclor  see Cefaclor
Kedani Disease  see Scrub Typhus
Mesh BrowserKefir
Bacteriology  QW 85
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 428
Kefir Grains  see Kefir
Keflin  see Cephalothin
Mesh BrowserKell Blood-Group System  WH 420 
Kelly's Syndrome  see Plummer-Vinson Syndrome
Mesh BrowserKeloid  WR 143 
Localized, by site
Kelsef  see Cephradine
Kenacort A  see Triamcinolone Acetonide
Kenalin  see Sulindac
Kenalog  see Triamcinolone Acetonide
Kenalog 40  see Triamcinolone Acetonide
Kendrick  see Cefotaxime
Kendrick Brand of Aciclovir  see Acyclovir
Kendrick Brand of Danazol  see Danazol
Kendrick Brand of Dobutamine Hydrochloride  see Dobutamine
Kendrick Brand of Propafenone Hydrochloride  see Propafenone
Kendrick Brand of Sulindac  see Sulindac
Kenesil  see Nimodipine
Kenfarma Brand of Doxorubicin Hydrochloride  see Doxorubicin
Kent-His Bundle  see Bundle of His
Kentucky Brand of Tocopherol  see Tocopherols
Keoflo  see Starch
Kepone  see Chlordecone
Kerasin Histiocytosis  see Gaucher Disease
Kerasin Lipoidosis  see Gaucher Disease
Kerasin thesaurismosis  see Gaucher Disease
Mesh BrowserKeratan Sulfate  QU 83 
Mesh BrowserKeratectomy  WW 220 
Keratectomy, Laser  see Corneal Surgery, Laser
Keratin  see Keratins
Keratin-Associated Proteins  see Keratins
Keratin, Glycosylated  see Keratins
Keratinomyces  see Arthrodermataceae
Mesh BrowserKeratins
General  QU 55.3
See also Intermediate Filaments
Mesh BrowserKeratitis  WW 220 
Mesh BrowserKeratitis, Dendritic  WW 220 
Keratitis, Furrow  see Keratitis, Dendritic
Keratitis, Ulcerative  see Corneal Ulcer
Mesh BrowserKeratoconjunctivitis, Infectious
In cattle SF 967.K47
In sheep and goats SF 969.K47
Keratoconjunctivitis, Vernal  see Conjunctivitis, Allergic
Mesh BrowserKeratoconus  WW 220 
Keratocysts  see Odontogenic Cysts
Keratoderma Blennorrhagicum  see Keratosis
Mesh BrowserKeratoderma, Palmoplantar  WR 500 
Keratoma  see Keratosis
Keratomalacia  see Xerophthalmia
Mesh BrowserKeratomileusis, Laser In Situ  WW 340 
Used for specific disorder, with the disorder
Keratoplasty  see Corneal Transplantation
Keratoplasty, Lamellar  see Corneal Transplantation
Keratorefractive Surgical Procedures  see Refractive Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserKeratosis  WR 500 
Keratosis Blennorrhagica  see Keratosis
Keratosis, Oral  see Leukoplakia, Oral
Keratosis Palmaris et Plantaris  see Keratoderma, Palmoplantar
Keratosis, Palmoplantar  see Keratoderma, Palmoplantar
Keratosis Palmoplantaris Transgradiens of Siemens  see Keratoderma, Palmoplantar
Keratosis Palmoplantaris with Corneal Dystrophy  see Tyrosinemias
Keratosulfate  see Keratan Sulfate
Mesh BrowserKeratotomy, Radial  WW 340 
Used for specific disorder, with the disorder
Kerion Celsi  see Tinea Capitis
Kern Brand of Labetalol Hydrochloride  see Labetalol
Kern Brand of Levothyroxine Sodium  see Thyroxine
Mesh BrowserKernicterus  WL 362 
Kerr Brand of Activated Charcoal  see Charcoal
Kestrone  see Estrone
Ketalar  see Ketamine
Mesh BrowserKetamine  QV 81 
Ketamine Hydrochloride  see Ketamine
Ketanest  see Ketamine
Ketaset  see Ketamine
Keto Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency  see Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Ketoacidosis, Diabetic  see Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Ketocef  see Cefuroxime
Mesh BrowserKetoconazole  QV 252 
Ketogenic Diet  see Diet, Ketogenic
Ketone Reductases  see Alcohol Oxidoreductases
Mesh BrowserKetones
Organic chemistry
Aliphatic compounds QD 305.K2
Aromatic compounds QD 341.K2
Used for special purposes, by subject
Ketopentose  see Pentoses
Ketopentoses  see Pentoses
Ketoquinolines  see Quinolones
Ketosis, Diabetic  see Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Ketostix  see Nitroprusside
Mesh BrowserKetotifen  QV 157 
Ketotifen Fumarate  see Ketotifen
Ketotifene  see Ketotifen
Ketotiphen  see Ketotifen
Ketotiphene  see Ketotifen
Ketoximes  see Oximes
Key Brand of Buprenorphine Hydrochloride  see Buprenorphine
Keyhole Pupil  see Pupil Disorders
Khingamin  see Chloroquine
Ki-ras Genes  see Genes, ras
Ki-ras Oncogenes  see Genes, ras
Kickbacks  see Fraud
Mesh BrowserKidd Blood-Group System  WH 420 
Kidnapping  see Crime
Mesh BrowserKidney  WJ 300-378 
Blood supply  WJ 301
See also Renal Artery WG 595.R3
See also Renal Veins WG 625.R3
General Surgery  WJ 368
See also Diuresis
See also Nephrectomy
See also Radioisotope Renography
See also Renal Circulation
Mesh BrowserKidneys, Artificial  WJ 378 
See also Peritoneal Dialysis
See also Renal Dialysis
Kidney, Artificial  see Kidneys, Artificial
Kidney Bean Lectins  see Phytohemagglutinins
Mesh BrowserKidney Calculi  WJ 356 
Mesh BrowserKidney Calices  WJ 301 
Kidney Cancer  see Kidney Neoplasms
Kidney Circulation  see Renal Circulation
Mesh BrowserKidney Concentrating Ability  WJ 303 
Mesh BrowserKidney Cortex  WJ 301 
Kidney, Cystic  see Kidney Diseases, Cystic
Mesh BrowserKidney Diseases  WJ 300-378 
General works  WJ 300
Diagnosis (General)  WJ 302
General Surgery  WJ 368
Of specific disease, with disease
Infant or child  WS 320
Nursing see Nephrology Nursing
Veterinary SF 871
Mesh BrowserKidney Diseases, Cystic  WJ 358 
Kidney Failure  see Renal Insufficiency
Kidney Failure, Acute  see Acute Kidney Injury
Mesh BrowserKidney Failure, Chronic
General  WJ 342
See also Renal Dialysis
See also Uremia
Mesh BrowserKidney Function Tests  QY 175 
Mesh BrowserKidney Glomerulus  WJ 301 
See also Glomerular Filtration Rate
Kidney Incisions  see Nephrotomy
Kidney Insufficiency  see Renal Insufficiency
Kidney Insufficiency, Acute  see Acute Kidney Injury
Kidney Insufficiency, Chronic  see Renal Insufficiency, Chronic
Mesh BrowserKidney Medulla  WJ 301 
Mesh BrowserKidney Neoplasms  WJ 358 
Kidney Papilla  see Kidney Medulla
Mesh BrowserKidney Papillary Necrosis  WJ 351 
Mesh BrowserKidney Pelvis  WJ 301 
Kidney, Polycystic  see Polycystic Kidney Diseases
Kidney Scarring  see Glomerulonephritis
Kidney Stones  see Kidney Calculi
Mesh BrowserKidney Transplantation  WJ 368 
Kidney Tubular Transport, Inborn Error  see Renal Tubular Transport, Inborn Errors
Kidney Tubular Transport, Inborn Errors  see Renal Tubular Transport, Inborn Errors
Mesh BrowserKidney Tubules  WJ 301 
Kidneys  see Kidney
Kidrolase  see Asparaginase
Kienbock Disease  see Osteonecrosis
Kienbock's Disease  see Osteonecrosis
Kienboeck Disease  see Osteonecrosis
Kienboeck's Disease  see Osteonecrosis
Kilham Rat Virus  see Parvovirus
Mesh BrowserKiller Cells, Lymphokine-Activated  WH 200 
In cellular immunity  QW 568
See also Immunotherapy, Adoptive
Mesh BrowserKiller Cells, Natural  WH 200 
In cellular immunity  QW 568
Killing  see Homicide
Kimmelstiel-Wilson Disease  see Diabetic Nephropathies
Kimmelstiel-Wilson Syndrome  see Diabetic Nephropathies
Kimmerle Anomaly  see Cervical Atlas
Mesh BrowserKinanthropometry  WB 286 
Kinase  see Phosphotransferases
Kinases  see Phosphotransferases
Mesh BrowserKindling, Neurologic  WL 102 
See also Seizures
Kinematics  see Biomechanical Phenomena
Mesh BrowserKinesics
Adolescent  WS 462
Infant or child  WS 105.5.C8
Psychology BF 637.N66
Social psychology HM 1206-1211
See also Posture
Kinesiology  see Movement
Mesh BrowserKinesiology, Applied  WB 890 
For a specific diseases with the disease
Kinesitherapy  see Exercise Therapy
Kinesthesia  see Kinesthesis
Mesh BrowserKinesthesis  WE 104 
See also Motion Perception
Kinesthetic Sense  see Kinesthesis
Mesh BrowserKinetics
Biochemical techniques  QU 25
Enzyme kinetics  QU 135
Pharmacokinetics  QV 38
Physical chemistry QD 502-502.2
Special topics, by subject, e.g., mechanokinetics in the nervous system
Kinetics, Drug  see Pharmacokinetics
Mesh BrowserKinetocardiography  WG 141.5.K5 
Kinin-Forming Enzyme  see Kallikreins
Kininase II Antagonists  see Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Kininase II Inhibitors  see Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Kininogenase  see Kallikreins
Mesh BrowserKinins  QU 68 
Kinnier-Wilson Disease  see Hepatolenticular Degeneration
Kinship  see Consanguinity
Kinship Care  see Foster Home Care
Kinship Networks  see Family
Kitchens, Hospital  see Food Service, Hospital
Kits, Diagnostic Reagent  see Reagent Kits, Diagnostic
KL-255  see Bupranolol
Klaforan  see Cefotaxime
Mesh BrowserKlebsiella  QW 138.5.K5 
Mesh BrowserKlebsiella Infections
General  WC 260
Rhinoscleroma  WV 300
Kleptomania  see Disruptive, Impulse Control, and Conduct Disorders
Mesh BrowserKlinefelter Syndrome  QS 677 
Klinefelter Syndrome, Variants  see Klinefelter Syndrome
Klinefelter's Syndrome  see Klinefelter Syndrome
Klinoril  see Sulindac
Klofelin  see Clonidine
Klofenil  see Clonidine
Kloramfenikol  see Chloramphenicol
Kloromin  see Chlorpheniramine
Klosterfrau Brand of Flurbiprofen  see Flurbiprofen
klysma Sorbit  see Sorbitol
Mesh BrowserKnee  WE 870 
Knee Arthroplasty  see Arthroplasty, Replacement, Knee
Knee Arthroplasty, Total  see Arthroplasty, Replacement, Knee
Knee Cap  see Patella
Mesh BrowserKnee Injuries  WE 872 
Mesh BrowserKnee Joint
General  WE 870
Injuries  WE 872
Mesh BrowserKnee Prosthesis  WE 874 
See also Arthroplasty, Replacement, Knee
Knee Replacement Arthroplasties  see Arthroplasty, Replacement, Knee
Knee Replacement Arthroplasty  see Arthroplasty, Replacement, Knee
Knee Replacement, Total  see Arthroplasty, Replacement, Knee
Kneecap  see Patella
Knoll Brand of Brand of Ademetionine Tosilate Disulfate  see S-Adenosylmethionine
Knoll Brand of Flurbiprofen  see Flurbiprofen
Knoll Brand of Propafenone Hydrochloride  see Propafenone
Knoll Brand of Roxithromycin  see Roxithromycin
Knoll Pharmaceutical Brand of Sotalol  see Sotalol
Knowledge Acquisition (Computer)  see Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice  see Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Mesh BrowserKnowledge Bases
General Q 334-341
In medicine (General)  W 26.55.A7
Used for special purposes, by subject
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Knowledge Bases (Computer)  see Knowledge Bases
Knowledge Representation (Computer)  see Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge Translation  see Translational Medical Research
Knowledgebases  see Knowledge Bases
KO 1173  see Mexiletine
KO-1173  see Mexiletine
KO1173  see Mexiletine
Koch's Disease  see Tuberculosis
Kochs Disease  see Tuberculosis
Kock Pouch  see Colonic Pouches
KOE-1173  see Mexiletine
Koehler Disease  see Osteochondrosis
Koehler's Disease  see Osteochondrosis
Kohle-Compretten  see Charcoal
Kohle-Hevert  see Charcoal
Kohle-Pulvis  see Charcoal
Kohle-Tabletten Boxo-Pharm  see Charcoal
Köhler Brand of Activated Charcoal  see Charcoal
Kohler Brand of Tocopherol  see Tocopherols
Koi Carp  see Carps
Kollidon  see Povidone
Kontrikal  see Aprotinin
Kontrykal  see Aprotinin
Kordaron  see Amiodarone
Korean Americans  see Asian Americans
Korean Conflict  see Korean War
Korean Hemorrhagic Fever Virus  see Hantaan virus
Korean Traditional Medicine  see Medicine, Korean Traditional
Korean Visible Human Project  see Visible Human Projects
Mesh BrowserKorean War
Biography of military health personnel
Collective WZ 112.5.M4
By specialty if applicable, e.g., Military Nursing WZ 112.5.N8
Individual WZ 100
Medical services (General) DS 921.25
Other special topics, with the topic
(Form number 11 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Korean War, 1950-1953  see Korean War
Koreans  see Asian Continental Ancestry Group
Korinfar  see Nifedipine
Korsakoff Psychosis  see Korsakoff Syndrome
Mesh BrowserKorsakoff Syndrome  WM 173.7 
Kortancyl  see Prednisone
Korvatone  see Molsidomine
Mesh BrowserKoumiss
Bacteriology  QW 85
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 428
Kraurosis Vulvae  see Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus
Krause's End Bulbs  see Mechanoreceptors
Krebiozen  see Creatinine
Krebs Cycle  see Citric Acid Cycle
Kreteks  see Tobacco Products
Kreteks Tobacco  see Tobacco Products
Krewel Brand of Bromhexine Hydrochloride  see Bromhexine
Krewel Brand of Nefopam Hydrochloride  see Nefopam
Krewel Brand of Sulpiride  see Sulpiride
Kristallviolett-Lösung  see Gentian Violet
KRKA Brand of Nifedipine  see Nifedipine
Kroener Fimbriectomy  see Sterilization, Tubal
Kroener Method  see Sterilization, Tubal
Kryptocur  see Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone
Mesh BrowserKrypton
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.K6
Pharmacology  QV 310
Kufs Disease  see Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses
Kuf's Disease  see Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses
Kufs Disease, Autosomal Dominant  see Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses
Kufs Disease Autosomal Recessive  see Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses
Kufs Disease, Autosomal Recessive  see Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses
Kufs Type Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis  see Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses
Kung Fu  see Martial Arts
Kunitz Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor  see Aprotinin
Kunjin virus  see West Nile virus
Mesh BrowserKupffer Cells  WH 650 
Localized, by site
Kurantil  see Dipyridamole
Kurczynski Casperson Syndrome  see Acrocephalosyndactylia
Mesh BrowserKuru  WL 301 
Kuru Encephalopathy  see Kuru
Kussmaul Aphasia  see Mutism
Kussmaul's Aphasia  see Mutism
Mesh BrowserKwashiorkor  WD 105 
In children
General (from birth through adolescence) WS 115
Adolescent WS 115
Child WS 130
Infant WS 120
Kwell  see Lindane
Kwells  see Scopolamine Hydrobromide
Kyasanur Forest disease virus  see Encephalitis Viruses, Tick-Borne
Kybernin  see Antithrombin III
Mesh BrowserKymography  WG 141.5.K9 
Kymography, Radiographic  see Electrokymography
Mesh BrowserKynurenine  QU 60 
See also Tryptophan
Mesh BrowserKyphoplasty  WE 725 
Mesh BrowserKyphosis  WE 735