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NLM Classification 2015: Worldwide source of medical library classification


Cardiovascular System

  • Classify general works on the cardiovascular system and its diseases in children in WS 290.
  • Classify cardiovascular nursing and nursing of patients with specific cardiovascular diseases in WY 152.5.
  • Classify works on blood supply of specific parts of other body systems with the system or part.


  WG 1-113 Reference Works. General Works
  WG 120-170 Cardiovascular Diseases, Diagnosis, and Therapeutics
  WG 200-460 Heart. Heart Diseases
  WG 500-700 Blood Vessels. Vascular Diseases
      WG 500-505 Blood Vessels (General)
      WG 510-595 Arteries
      WG 600-700 Veins. Capillaries

Reference Works. General Works

WG 1
Organizations. Societies (General or not elsewhere classified) (Cutter from name of organization or society)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Includes membership lists issued serially or separately. Classify directories in WG 22.; Classify annual reports, journals, etc. in W1. For academies and institutes, see WG 23-24.
Collected works (General)
WG 5
By several authors
WG 7
By individual authors
WG 9
Addresses. Essays. Lectures (General)
WG 11
History (Table G)
WG 11.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
WG 13
Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 15
Classification. Terminology
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 16
Tables. Statistics
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 17
Atlases. Pictorial works
Classify atlases limited to a particular part of the system here also.
WG 18
Classify here works about education.
WG 18.2
Educational materials
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject.
WG 19
Schools, departments, and faculties of cardiology (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Include here works on the history of schools. Classify courses of study, college catalogs, etc., in W 19.5.
WG 19.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 20
Research (General)
Classify here works about research in general. Classify works about research on a particular subject by subject.
WG 21
Cardiology as a profession. Ethics. Peer review
WG 22
Directories (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 22.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Institutes, academies. Laboratories of experimental research
WG 23
WG 24
Individual (Cutter from name of institution)
WG 25
Laboratory manuals. Technique
Cf. WG 140 for clinical examination and diagnosis.
WG 26
Equipment and supplies
Classify works on artificial pacemakers here. Cf. WG 166.5.C2 for artificial cardiac pacing. Classify catalogs in W 26. Classify works on artificial and mechanical hearts in WG 169.5.
WG 26.5
Informatics. Automatic data processing. Computers (General)
Classify works on use for special subjects by subject.
Hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, etc.
WG 27
Collective (Table G)
WG 27.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
WG 28
Individual (Cutter from name of hospital) (Table G)
Museums, exhibitions, etc.
WG 28.5
WG 28.6
Individual (Cutter from name of museum, etc.)
WG 32
Laws (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 32.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 33
Discussion of law (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 33.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 39
Handbooks. Resource guides
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WG 100
General works
Classify works on both the specialty and diseases here. Classify works on the specialty alone in WG 21. Classify works on diseases alone in WG 120.
WG 101
Anatomy. Histology. Embryology
WG 102
Physiology. Biochemistry
WG 103
Blood circulation (General)
Classify works on blood circulation of a system or part with system or part.
WG 104
Microcirculation (General)
WG 106
WG 108
Blood pressure
Classify works on hypertension and hypotension in WG 340; on measurement of blood pressure in clinical diagnosis in WB 280.
[WG 110]
[This number not used]
Classify works about research in WG 20.
WG 113
Popular works
Classify here works on heart and vascular diseases in general or on coronary disease and congestive heart failure in particular. Classify works on other specific disorders with the disorder.

Cardiovascular Diseases, Diagnosis, and Therapeutics

WG 120
Cardiovascular diseases (General or not elsewhere classified)
WG 140
Electrocardiography. Vectorcardiography. Monitoring (General)
WG 141
Examination. Diagnosis. Diagnostic methods (General and heart specifically)
WG 141.5
Specific diagnostic methods, A-Z
WG 141.5.A3
Angiography. Angioscopy
WG 141.5.A9
Heart auscultation
WG 141.5.B2
WG 141.5.C15
Impedance cardiography
WG 141.5.C2
Cardiac catheterization
WG 141.5.E2
Classify works on fetal echocardiography in WQ 209.
WG 141.5.F9
Heart function tests (General or not else classified)
WG 141.5.K5
WG 141.5.K9
WG 141.5.M2
Magnetic resonance imaging
WG 141.5.P4
WG 141.5.P7
WG 141.5.R2
WG 141.5.R3
Radionuclide imaging
WG 141.5.T6
WG 142
WG 166
Includes works on the heart only. Classify works on drugs acting on the cardiovascular system in QV 150.
WG 166.5
Specific therapeutic methods, A-Z
WG 166.5.A3
WG 166.5.A5
Angioplasty, Laser
WG 166.5.B2
Balloon angioplasty. Balloon occlusion
WG 166.5.C2
Artificial cardiac pacing
WG 166.5.E5
Electric countershock
WG 166.5.I7
Ischemic preconditioning. Ischemic postconditioning
WG 168
Cardiovascular surgical procedures
Classify works on surgery for a particular disorder with the disorder.
WG 168.5
Extracorporeal circulation
WG 169
Heart surgery. Heart transplantation
Classify works on surgery of coronary vessels in general, heart valves, myocardium, etc., here. Classify works on surgery of the aorta in WG 410. Classify works on surgery of a particular disorder with the disorder. Classify works on cardiac anesthesia in WG 460.
WG 169.5
Artificial heart. Heart-lung machine
WG 170
Vascular surgical procedures
Classify works on surgery of arteries and veins in general here. Cf. WG 410 Aorta and numbers for other specific vessels.

Heart. Heart Diseases

WG 200
General works
Classify popular works in WG 113; works on examination in WG 140-141.5; on general therapeutics in WG 166-166.5; on surgery in WG 169-169.5.
WG 201
Anatomy. Histology. Embryology
WG 202
WG 205
Cardiac emergency treatment
WG 210
Heart diseases (General or not elsewhere classified)
WG 214
Heart arrest
WG 220
Congenital heart disease. Abnormalities of the heart and the cardiovascular system (General)
WG 226
Heart neoplasms
WG 240
Rheumatic heart disease
WG 260
WG 262
WG 265
WG 268
WG 269
WG 275
WG 280
Classify material on myocardial infarction in WG 310.
WG 282
Myocardial ischemia
WG 285
WG 298
Angina pectoris
WG 299
Coronary vessels
WG 300
Coronary disease
WG 310
Myocardial infarction
WG 320
Neurocirculatory asthenia
WG 330
Cardiac arrhythmias (General)
WG 330.5
Specific arrhythmias, A-Z
WG 330.5.A5
Atrial fibrillation
WG 330.5.A6
Atrial flutter
WG 330.5.B7
WG 330.5.H4
Heart block
WG 330.5.L6
Long QT syndrome
WG 330.5.P7
Pre-excitation syndromes
WG 330.5.S5
Sinus arrhythmia
WG 330.5.T2
WG 330.5.V4
Ventricular fibrillation
WG 340
Hypertension (General)
Classify works on pregnancy-induced hypertension in WQ 244.
WG 343
Pulmonary hypertension
WG 345
Renal hypertension
WG 350
WG 370
Heart failure
WG 410
Cf. WC 168 for aortic involvement in syphilis.
WG 420
Pulmonary embolism and related disorders. Pulmonary heart disease
WG 460
Special cardiac problems in anesthesia, dentistry, general surgery. Cardiac anesthesia
Classify here works on choice of anesthetic for patients with cardiac disease. Cf. WO 235 for general works on choice of anesthetic. Classify works on problems in pregnancy in WQ 244; in labor specifically in WQ 330.

Blood Vessels. Vascular Diseases

Blood Vessels (General)

Classify works on blood supply of specific parts of other body systems with that system or part. Classify works on coronary vessels in WG 299; on the aorta specifically in WG 410; on circulation in WG 103-104; on vascular resistance in WG 106; on vascular surgery in WG 170.
WG 500
General works
WG 505
Vascular diseases (General or not elsewhere classified)


WG 510
Arteries (General or not elsewhere classified)
WG 515
WG 518
Polyarteritis nodosa
WG 520
Thromboangiitis obliterans
[WG 530]
[This number not used]
WG 540
Arterial embolism. Arterial thrombosis
WG 550
Arteriosclerosis and related disorders
WG 560
Vasomotor disorders
WG 570
Raynaud disease
WG 578
Vasodilator disorders
WG 580
Classify works on aortic aneurysm in WG 410; on heart aneurysm in WG 300; on cerebral aneurysm in WL 354-355.
WG 590
Arteriovenous anastomosis. Arteriovenous fistula
WG 595
Specific arteries, A-Z
Classify works on the aorta in WG 410; on coronary arteries in WG 299.
WG 595.A9
Axillary artery
WG 595.B2
Basilar artery
WG 595.B7
Brachial artery
WG 595.B72
Brachiocephalic trunk
WG 595.B76
Bronchial arteries
WG 595.C2
Carotid arteries
WG 595.C3
Celiac artery
WG 595.C37
Cerebral arteries
WG 595.F3
Femoral artery
WG 595.H3
Hepatic artery
WG 595.I5
Iliac artery
[WG 595.I6]
[This number not used]
Classify innominate artery in WG 595.B72.
WG 595.M2
Maxillary artery
WG 595.M3
Meningeal arteries
WG 595.M38
Mesenteric arteries
WG 595.O7
Ophthalmic artery
WG 595.P6
Popliteal artery
WG 595.P8
Pulmonary artery
WG 595.R3
Renal artery
WG 595.R38
Retinal artery
WG 595.S7
Splenic artery
WG 595.S8
Subclavian artery
WG 595.T3
Temporal arteries
WG 595.T4
Thoracic arteries
WG 595.U6
Umbilical arteries
WG 595.V3
Vertebral artery

Veins. Capillaries

WG 600
WG 610
Venous thrombosis and related disorders
Classify thrombosis of specific veins with the specific vein.
WG 620
Varicose veins
WG 625
Specific veins, A-Z
Classify works on coronary veins in WG 300; on the portal system in WI 720.
WG 625.A9
Axillary vein
WG 625.A99
Azygos vein
WG 625.B7
Brachiocephalic veins
WG 625.C3
Cerebral veins
WG 625.C7
Cranial sinuses
WG 625.F3
Femoral vein
WG 625.H3
Hepatic veins
WG 625.I5
Iliac vein
[WG 625.I6]
[This number not used]
Classify innominate vein in WG 625.B7.
WG 625.J8
Jugular veins
WG 625.P6
Popliteal vein
WG 625.P8
Pulmonary veins
WG 625.R3
Renal veins
WG 625.R38
Retinal vein
WG 625.S2
Saphenous vein
WG 625.S8
Subclavian vein
WG 625.V3
Venae cavae
WG 700
Classify works on capillary resistance in WG 106; on microcirculation in WG 104.