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NLM Classification 2020: Worldwide source of medical library classification



Classify here material on general physiology.

  • Classify physiology of a part of the body with the part.
  • Classify animal physiology in QP, QL, or SF.


  QT 1-33.1 Reference Works. General Works
  QT 34-37 Physics. Mathematics. Engineering
  QT 104-172 Human Physiology
  QT 180-256 Hygiene. Leisure Activities
  QT 260-275 Sports. Sports Medicine

Reference Works. General Works

QT 1
Organizations. Societies (General or not elsewhere classified) (Cutter from name of organization or society) (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Includes membership lists issued serially or separately. Classify directories in QT 22. Classify annual reports, journals, etc., in W1. For academies and institutes, see QT 23-24.
QT 4
General works
Includes works on comparative physiology between humans and animals. Classify material on human physiology only in QT 104. Classify animal physiology in QP, QL, or SF.
QT 5
Collected works by several authors
QT 7
Collected works by individual authors
QT 9
Addresses. Essays. Lectures
QT 11
History (Table G)
QT 11.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
QT 13
Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 15
Classification. Terminology
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 16
Tables. Statistics. Surveys (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 16.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 17
Atlases. Pictorial works
QT 18
Classify here works about education.
QT 18.2
Educational materials
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject.
QT 19
Schools, departments, and faculties of physiology (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Include here works on the history of schools. Classify courses of study, catalogs, etc., in W 19.5.
QT 19.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 20.5
Research (General)
Classify here works about research in general. Classify works about research on a particular subject by subject.
QT 21
Physiology as a profession. Ethics. Peer review
QT 22
Directories (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 22.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 23
Collective laboratories, academies, institutes, etc.
QT 24
Individual laboratories, academies, institutes, etc. (Cutter from name of institution)
QT 25
Laboratory manuals. Technique
QT 26
Equipment and supplies
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Classify catalogs here.
QT 26.5
Informatics. Electronic data processing. Computers (General)
Classify works on use for special subjects by subject.
QT 27
Collective museums, exhibitions, etc.
QT 28
Individual museums, exhibitions, etc. (Cutter from name of museum, etc.) (Table G)
QT 29
Handbooks. Resource guides
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 32
Laws (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 32.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 33
Discussion of law (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
QT 33.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)

Physics. Mathematics. Engineering

Include here only general works on physics, mathematics, and engineering as applied to physiological and medical phenomena. Classify works on their applications to specific problems by subject.
QT 34
Biophysical phenomena
QT 34.5
Biomechanical phenomena
QT 34.8
Magnetic phenomena
QT 35
Biomedical mathematics
Cf. WA 950 Theory or methods of medical statistics. Classify works for the biologist in QH 323.5.
QT 36
Bioengineering. Biomedical engineering (General)
QT 36.2
Medical electronics
QT 36.4
QT 36.5
Microtechnology. Nanotechnology
QT 37
Biomedical and biocompatible materials
Classify works on dental materials in WU 180-190. Cf. QU 300-328 Cell engineering. Classify works on nanomaterials in QT 36.5.
QT 37.5
Specific materials, A-Z
QT 37.5.C4
QT 37.5.M4
QT 37.5.P7
QT 37.5.S6
Smart materials
[QT 39]
[This number not used]
Classify handbooks on physiology in QT 29

Human Physiology

QT 104
General works
QT 110
Regeneration (General or not elsewhere classified)
Classify regeneration of specific organs or tissues, with the organ or tissue
QT 120
Homeostasis (General)
QT 140
Environmental exposure. Physiological adaptation
QT 145
QT 150
Hot temperature
QT 160
Cold temperature
QT 162
Other environmental factors acting on human physiology, A-Z
Classify works on environmental factors in public health in WA.
QT 162.A5
Air ionization
[QT 162.E4]
[This number not used]
QT 162.G7
QT 162.H8
QT 162.L5
Light. Sunlight
QT 162.M3
Magnetic fields
QT 162.S8
QT 162.U4
Ultraviolet rays and other non-ionizing radiation not classified elsewhere
Cf. WB 117 for general medical use; WB 288 for diagnostic use; WB 480 for therapeutic use; WD 605 for adverse effects.
QT 165
Body temperature regulation
QT 167
Physiological periodicity
QT 172
Exocrine glands (General)
Classify works on specific glands with the system where located, e.g., Sebaceous glands WR 410.

Hygiene. Leisure Activities

QT 180
Hygiene (General)
Classify works on public health aspects of hygiene in WA 4. Classify works on oral hygiene in WU 113; classify works on military hygiene in WA 674; classify works on adolescent hygiene in WS 460.
QT 200
Teaching materials
Classify works about study and teaching of public health in WA 18. Classify works on informal health education (community, radio, etc.) in WA 590.
QT 210
Secondary school texts of physiology and hygiene
QT 215
Juvenile school texts of physiology and hygiene
QT 225
Sex education school texts
Classify in HQ material on sex education other than school texts.
[QT 230]
[This number not used]
Classify works on lighting and sunlight in QT 162.L5.
QT 235
Classify works on particular foods and beverages in the numbers for diet in health and disease, WB 400-449; on diets for particular diseases with the disease. Classify works on diet as a cause of disease in QZ 105.
QT 240
QT 245
QT 250
Leisure activities
QT 255
Physical education
QT 256
Physical fitness

Sports. Sports Medicine

QT 260
Athletics. Sports
Classify works on first aid in WA 292.
QT 260.5
Special sports and leisure activities, A-Z
QT 260.5.B2
QT 260.5.B3
QT 260.5.B5
QT 260.5.B7
QT 260.5.D3
QT 260.5.D6
Classify works on biomedical aspects in WD 650.
QT 260.5.F6
QT 260.5.G6
QT 260.5.G9
QT 260.5.H6
QT 260.5.J6
QT 260.5.M3
Martial arts
QT 260.5.M9
QT 260.5.R2
Racquet Sports
QT 260.5.R9
QT 260.5.S5
QT 260.5.S6
Snow Sports
QT 260.5.S7
QT 260.5.S9
QT 260.5.T3
QT 260.5.T7
Track and field
QT 260.5.V6
QT 260.5.W2
QT 260.5.W4
Weight lifting
QT 260.5.W9
QT 260.5.Y7
QT 261
Sports medicine. Athletic injuries (General)
Classify works on first aid in WA 292; on specific pathological conditions with the condition.
QT 262
Doping in sports
QT 263
Sports and exercise nutrition
QT 265
Relaxation. Rest. Sleep
Classify works on therapeutic use of rest, etc., in WB 545; on physiology of sleep in WL 108. Cf. WM 425.5.R3 Relaxation therapy
QT 275
Beauty culture industry
Classify works on hair care in WR 465; on public health aspects of barber shops, beauty salons, and cosmetics in WA 744.