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Dentistry. Oral Surgery

  WU 1-49 Reference Works. General Works
  WU 50-95 Ethics. Professional Practice and Personnel. Records
  WU 100-113.7 Anatomy. Physiology. Hygiene
  WU 140-166 Diseases. Injuries. Technology. Therapeutics
  WU 170-190 Dental Chemistry and Materials
  WU 210-290 Dental Anatomy. Diseases
  WU 300-360 Operative Dentistry
  WU 400-440 Orthodontics
  WU 460-495 Special Patient Groups
  WU 500-530 Prosthodontics
  WU 600-640 Oral Surgery

Reference Works. General Works

WU 1
Organizations. Societies (General or not elsewhere classified) (Cutter from name of organization or society)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Includes membership lists issued serially or separately. Classify directories in WU 22. Classify annual reports, journals, etc., in W1. For academies and institutes, see WU 23-24.
Collected works (General)
WU 5
By several authors
WU 7
By individual authors
WU 9
Addresses. Essays. Lectures (General)
WU 11
History (Table G)
WU 11.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
WU 13
Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WU 15
Classification. Terminology
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WU 16
Tables. Statistics
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WU 17
Atlases. Pictorial works
Classify atlases limited to a particular part of the system with the part in the form number for atlases where available, e.g., WU 317, WU 417, WU 507, or WU 600.7.
WU 18
Classify here works about education.
WU 18.2
Educational materials
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject.
WU 18.5
Education of dental assistants, hygienists, and technicians
WU 19
Schools and colleges
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Classify courses of study, catalogs, etc., in W 19.5.
WU 20
Graduate and continuing dental education (including fellowships, internships, residencies, etc.)
WU 20.5
Dental research (General)
Classify here works about research in general. Classify works about research on a particular subject by subject.
WU 21
Dentistry as a profession. Peer review
WU 22
Directories (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WU 22.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
Laboratories, academies, institutes, etc.
WU 23
WU 24
Individual (Cutter from name of institution)
WU 24.5
Banks (Table G)
WU 24.51
General coverage (Not Table G)
WU 25
Laboratory manuals (General). Technique
Classify manuals of prosthetic dentistry in WU 500-530.
WU 26
Equipment and supplies (General)
Classify catalogs in W 26; works on dental materials in WU 180-190; on orthodontic appliances in WU 426.
WU 26.5
Informatics. Automatic data processing. Computers (General)
Classify works on use for special subjects by subject.
Hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, etc.
WU 27
Collective (Table G)
WU 27.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
WU 28
Individual (Cutter from name of hospital) (Table G)
Museums, exhibitions, etc.
WU 28.5
WU 28.6
Individual (Cutter from name of museum, etc.)
WU 29
Dental care and health. Dental infection control
Cf. W 260 Dental insurance; WC 195 for general works on infection control; WX 167 for hospital infection control.
WU 30
WU 32
Laws (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WU 32.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WU 33
Discussion of law (Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
WU 33.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
(Used for both monographs and serials)
[WU 39]
[This number not used]
Classify handbooks on dentistry in WU 49.
WU 40
Licensure of dentists and dental hygienists (Table G)
WU 40.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
WU 44
Malpractice (Table G)
WU 44.1
General coverage (Not Table G)
WU 49
Handbooks. Resource guides
(Used for both monographs and serials)

Ethics. Professional Practice and Personnel. Records

WU 50
Dental ethics
WU 58
WU 61
Dentists' interpersonal relations. Attitude
Classify here work on relations with patients, the public, physicians, etc.
WU 77
Dental economics. Practice management
WU 79
Group practice. Partnership practice
WU 80
Popular works (General)
Classify works for children in WU 113.6
WU 90
Auxiliary personnel
(e.g., Duties, professional opportunities, work manuals)
Classify works on dental technicians in WU 150.
WU 95
Dental records

Anatomy. Physiology. Hygiene

WU 100
General works
Classify works on specialty and on the specialty and diseases here. Classify works on diseases alone in WU 140. Include here works about dentistry written for practitioners of other specialties.
WU 101
Anatomy. Histology. Morphology. Embryology
Include works on the jaw.
WU 101.5
Malformations and abnormalities of jaws, mouth, and/or teeth (General)
Cf. WU 600 Oral surgical procedures.
WU 102
(e.g., Mastication)
Include works on the jaw.
WU 105
Dental emergencies (General)
WU 113
Oral health and hygiene. Preventive and prophylactic dentistry
Classify here works on school education and prophylactic programs. Cf. WA 350 School dental services. Classify popular works for the adult in WU 80.
WU 113.6
Works for and about children
Classify general works on pediatric dentistry in WU 480.
WU 113.7
Nutrition and oral health (General)
Cf. WU 270 Caries. Etiology of caries.

Diseases. Injuries. Technology. Therapeutics

WU 140
Stomatognathic diseases (General). Oral pathology
Classify works on mouth diseases written for the dentist here; classify works for the gastroenterologist in WI 200; classify works on jaw diseases alone in WU 140.5.
WU 140.5
Jaw diseases
Classify here works on temporomandibular joint syndrome also. Cf. WU 600-610 Injuries and surgery of the jaw.
WU 141
Examination. Diagnosis. Diagnostic methods (General). Monitoring
Classify works on X-ray diagnosis in WN 230.
WU 141.5
Specific diagnostic methods, A-Z
WU 141.5.C3
WU 141.5.O2
WU 150
Dental technology (General). Dental technicians
Classify works on technology for particular procedures with that procedure.
WU 158
Oral and dental injuries (General)
Classify works on maxillofacial injuries and jaw fractures and dislocations in WU 610.
WU 166
Oral and dental therapeutics

Dental Chemistry and Materials

WU 170
Dental chemistry (General)
WU 180
Dental alloys and metals
WU 190
Dental materials (General or not elsewhere classified)

Dental Anatomy. Diseases

WU 210
WU 220
Enamel. Dentin
WU 230
Dental pulp. Tooth root. Dental cementum. Root canals. Endodontics
Classify works on reimplantation in WU 640.
WU 240
Periodontium. Alveolar process. Gingiva (Periodontics)
WU 242
Periodontitis and related diseases
WU 250
Dental deposits
WU 270
Caries. Etiology of caries. Effect of fluoridation
WU 280
Oral and dental neoplasms
WU 290
Oral manifestations
Classify works on oral manifestations of specific diseases with the disease.

Operative Dentistry

WU 300
General works
WU 317
WU 350
Cavities. Cavity treatment
WU 360


WU 400
General works
WU 417
WU 426
Orthodontic appliances
WU 440
Occlusion. Malocclusion

Special Patient Groups

WU 460
Dental care for the chronically ill
WU 470
Dental care for the disabled
WU 480
Pediatric dentistry. Dental care for children
WU 490
Geriatric dentistry. Dental care for the aged
WU 495
Military dentistry


Classify works on cleft palate prosthesis in WV 440; on maxillofacial and mandibular prosthesis in WU 600.
WU 500
General works. Dental prosthesis (General)
WU 507
WU 515
Partial dentures. Bridges. Crowns
WU 530
Complete dentures

Oral Surgery

WU 600
General works
Cf. WO 460 Anesthesia in dentistry. Include here general works on mandibular and maxillofacial prosthesis. Classify works on patients with cardiac problems in WG 460.
WU 600.7
WU 605
Tooth extraction
WU 610
Maxillofacial injuries. Mandibular injuries. Fractures and dislocations of the jaw
WU 640
Dental implantation. Tooth reimplantation. Transplantation

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